Hi! I’m Krisje, a thirtysomething lover of colors.  I live in Harelbeke, the South-West of Belgium.  A country so small, using directions seems a bit odd. We take pride in eating fries (which are BELGIAN not French mind you) with chocolate, saying pipes and apples are no such thing, and talking as many languages as a small place can handle at once!  Come join me in my surreal blog and art along!

I started art journaling ‘for real’ January 2015, but I have been around the crafty world for about a decade.  There is a well known saying you should never compare your start with another ones middle, and so I wanted to put out my journey in this blog.  So you can see what I do and how I learn.

I am a supply nerd, so I will include what I know and experience getting to know my own supplies. I hope you will join me in my journey and drop me a line sometimes 😉

Stuff I love: inks, paints, everything Art Nouveau and Fin de Sciècle, good old BBC drama, costume ones yes please and of course murder mysteries starring Hercule Poirot!


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