Product spotlight: 7 dots Writters Block papers


Hi there polkadot!

Since I’m a design team member for Cart ‘n Scrap Art – Belgian shop- I can get to play with new products straight away!  Maybe they are not as new when the get published on my blog, but I want you to see them anyway.

I had worked with 7 Dots Studio papers before, in a Finnabair workshop, but they are not that common her in Belgium.  I watch Maremi SmallArt on Youtube a lot, and she uses the word stickers by 7 Dots in her work.  I really like the phrases on them, so I was really happy to learn they would be available in the shop!

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It takes some layers to get your background finished.  I made a slideshow of the pictures I made of the proces.  There are a lot of artists on youtube that have video’s out on this proces.  But please be free to let me know if you want to see more of mine.  Let me help you through my steps:

  1. gesso your page.  I used heavy gesso by Prima, but regular gesso would be just fine.  Keep in mind, the cheaper your gesso, the more your page will buckle.  I chose to gesso just the middle, because I was planning to work with wet media just there.
  2. Texture paste, again by Prima, with a Tim Holtz stencil (flourish).
  3. Sprinkle some Magicals powder by Lindy’s (or Brusho, Mica powder…) and sprinkle some water to get the color flowing.
  4. Splash on some glitter spray to get some darker dots (Lindy’s)
  5. Take out a fine texture stamp and black Archival ink.  Don’t put it on a block, but press it down only in some spot, by bending your stamp.  In this case I used a chicken wire stamp by BoBunny.
  6. Stencil some distress ink colors that match your color schema
  7. Take out a more solid texture stamp and repeat step 5 (mine was also Bobunny)
  8. By the way, if you want to check if you have enough contrast on your project, take a black and white picture!  It will show you where you need more contrast.

Now, for the cluster with behind my pictures.  I took out the 6×6 papers of the Writers Block line.  I wanted some more color to match my background, so I sprayed some Lindy’s Stamp Gang Sprays to make them match with my Magical Powders.

Now, where ready to work on the embellishments.  Grab all kinds of stuff, like metals, resin, micro beads, flowers…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I gave the metal embellishments a fine layer of gesso. Then I colorized them with gilding wax.  Same with the older prima flowers.  To tie everything together, I mixed some micro beads with 3D gell and put them around and on top of the flowers.  You have to dry the 3D gel for it to become transparent.  Anyway, I had to.  I had it dry for several days and still it wasn’t totally clear.  When I put my heat gun on it, it cleared out almost completely.  So my advice would be to spread it out thinly and dry it with the heat tool.


I hope you like it 🙂


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