Finding Inspiration: Lyrics – For a minute there

Hi there Polkadot!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went on a Dylusions craze in my art journal.  Care to join me?

I probably already told you about my special relationship with the Dylusions sprays.  I love their color.  There simply isn’t any other medium that has their brightness, except maybe for the paints in the same brand.  But.  And yes, for me there is a but.  I simply can’t do what Dyan Reavely does.  When I get near those sprays, disaster is about to happen!  Either I end up spraying all over the place, or I spray to much so I get ink seeping through my paper.  I have watched Dyans youtubes over and over and over.  I think it is just a matter of getting over the first scare and being prepared for all the oops’es you can encounter.

I got the inspiration for this page while listening to the ‘timeless 100’. That’s a yearly chart voted together by the listeners of my favorite radiostation: Studio Brussel.  When you have a Spotify account, look up ‘de tijdloze’ and you will find countless playlist sporting the music in the list! I heard Radioheads ‘Karma Police’ on the radio, on my way home.  And the sentence ‘For a minute there, I lost myself’ just stuck to me. It had to be a page in my journal.  Through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, don’t we all loose ourselves sometimes?

To prepare my background, I misted a little bit of water over the double page.  I used bubblegum pink, funky fuchsia and cherry pie.  I only used one stencil for this background.  A little challenge on it’s own.   When my background was to my liking, I let it dry a bit.  I took out my dylusions paints in bubblegum pink an crushed grape and added some stenciling with the same stencil.  After letting that dry, I took a bit of gesso to the stencil, only to create a bit of contrast.  When that was dry, I stamped a dictionary stamp through the stencil using archival.  I’m not sure this was a good move, because as you can tell, I can’t remove it from the stencil anymore.  Oh well 🙂   That finishes up the background.


I had the idea of creating a cityscape with buildings, and a few paper dollies to symbolize the protagonist of the song, searching for herself. I had some magazine pages with the same model, so I chose her to be my leading lady for this page.  First of, I created the buildings by playing around with distress paints on the gelli plate.


I played with some of my pinks and purples: worn lipstick, seedless preserves, picked raspberry an to top things of a bit of festive berries. The fun thing about the distress paints is that you can layer them. Unlike any other product in the distress line, they will resist when you put a layer on top. To create the little droplets on top of all the underlying layers, I spotted some paint on a craft sheet and sprayed some water over top.


I cut apart the sheet of distress painted paper into buildings.


Then I figured out where I wanted everything to go on the page.   I figured my leading lady needed a body, but I wanted to change her up a bit.  To be honest, all the same faces freaked me out a bit 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Putting gesso on top of magazine layers isn’t always easy, putting paint on them isn’t any better.  But it’s fun to play, and it can be a good way to exercise your drawing before taking the leap to actually drawing faces.  I shy away from drawing a lot, because I fear it will take to much time and I will fuss over it too much.  I don’t seem to have that feeling while dealing with collage.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I created the texture in the buildings by using an all purpose pen by Faber Castell, as well as a black and a white posca paint pen.  I used a black licorice gelato by Faber Castell to create the shadows.


When I had put all my collage pieces in place.  I used a black gel pen to jot down the sentence in the song that kept repeating in my mind. I put a paper on top of everything to give my palm something to rest upon, without messing with the gelato and getting it all over the page.


Now, almost there.  To add detail I spattered some black marble and white linnen dylusion ink on top.  And I created shadow around all my elements with a Stabilo All pencil. The finishing touch is this old stamp I have: “you are here” which seemed perfect for the theme of seeking and being lost.

I hope you like my page and get inspired by some lyrics soon!



2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration: Lyrics – For a minute there

  1. Great spread, Krisje! I really enjoyed following your progress and how you arrived at all of these elements. I love that song and love how you interpreted it. I’m impressed with your handling of all the media. As you know, layering is not my thing at all – I always mess it up – and I’m also hopeless at doing anything remotely controlled with the ink sprays.


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