Getting to know my media: watercolor

Hi there,

In the mean while, I finished my second lesson in the Happy Watercolor Course by Marieke Blokland.  I am really enjoying this introduction to watercolor.  I’m sure art academies would beg to differ the’correctness’ of the course, but I don’t care.  It has opened a door for me that would otherwise have remained shut forever.


The main upside to watercoloring for me is that it doesn’t take a huge amount of time (although you have to consider drying time between layers) nor product.  You can just sit down, draw something, and paint.   Sometimes I need a quick art fix like that. Marieke has a very open and loose teaching style, not much fuss, just get right to it.

For this lesson, we focussed on a limited number of colors and a floral design.  I started a pinterst board with folkart florals to inspire me for my next watercolor painting 🙂

I really recommend this Happy Watercolor course, because it is just that!  It makes you happy.  I started Iris’ Abstract watercolor flowers too, because I just had to.  Flowers make me happy, as do early bird discounts ;-).  Speaking of which…  Have you seen the registration for Art Journal Summer School 2016 has opened?  It really has me itching, but I should probably finish one of the other gazillion courses I’m taking right now before that!

I’ll keep you posted of my decision, tee-hee!


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