Finding inspiration: stained glass windows anyone?

Hi there Polkadot!

Let’s talk about ‘arting’ on vacation.  I’m not an expert, because I just went on my first vacation since I started art journaling.  But I really wanted to take something with me: having leisure time should equal ‘arting time’, no?

So, I know there is a whole movement on sketching.  I’m not part of that movement.  I see these great video’s on Youtube, and all I can think is: wow this is great- wait a minute – this is intimidating too – did he/she always know how to do that? – man, this is pure talent – …  Ect.  Sound familiar?

This one for instance… Wow, just amazing.

So this is not my gig 😉  This time I took my pencil journal with me to France.  I didn’t have any plan about what I was going to do with it. I really wanted to go in the cathedral in Metz, because they had several glass stained window by Chagall.  The artist who was accidentally featured in that weeks lesson on Love Art Happy Life as well.


I bought postcards of every window that spoke to me.  And when we came back to our appartement that night, I really wanted to do something with the inspiration they gave.  I singled out one bit of a window, grabbed a plate out of the kitchen and used it as a guide for my circle. It didn’t really turn out like the part of the original at all.  But it was really relaxing to do. That’s inspiration too.  Just taking what you see and making something with it that you enjoy.  It doesn’t have to be mind-blowing to be fun!


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