Art Supply Shopping in France: Cultura had a makeover

Hi there Polkadot,

This will be my last installment about shopping during our last trip to Metz.

For our last day, we visited the Villa Majorelle in Nancy.  One of the treasures of Art Nouveau.  I have devoted another post on this subject, because it is to beautiful for a sidenote!  If you want to visit the Villa, you can only do so by booking a guided tour.  They are very reasonably priced, so that shouldn’t hold you back.  And they do tours in English, if you feel more comfortable. In awaiting our tour, we had some time to spend after packing our bags and doing the tour.  So we went to the centre commercial in the outer rim of Metz, called Waves. It was such an impressive surrounding!  They even had a electric golf cart-bus, in the hopon-hopoff philosophy if your feet get tired, or your bags too heavy.

So between the stores, there was also a Cultura.  I couldn’t resist to take a peek! I had visited two Cultura’s so far.  This being my third. It looks like they are doing a makeover!  I noticed more information on all the fine arts isles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next to that, they had new displays showing their ‘trending’ colors and supplies.

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These are the treasures I got to take home with me!  The book is called ‘the art of crayon made simple’.  It’s a book with exercises to practice on my drawing skills with colored pencils.

I hope you liked my articles on the shops in France.  I feel less alone walking around the shops having you guys with me, and I have a good excuse for visiting them 😉

Talk to you soon!


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