Getting to know my media: watercolor

Hi there Polkadot,

How are you fairing on this beautiful sunny day?  In Belgium today is a national holiday.  We celebrate Jesus going to heaven today.  Although, I wonder how many of us really know this 😉

Today, I want to share with you a miracle of my own.  I have confronted yet another of my fears: watercolors.  Not to compare watercolors with demons or anything, but anyway…

As you probably have read, I bought some watercolor pans when I was on holiday.  All because I bought Marieke Bloklands course ‘Happy Watercolor Course’.

This is what my first lesson looks like:


The assignment was to paint three sisters, or three friends.  I really felt like experimenting, so I tried to depict three different ethnic ladies.  I’m not sure it worked, but I had fun trying.  I’m not so happy with how their hair turned out.  I will have to play more with my new paints to figure out how they work. I felt like my paper didn’t stay wet long enough for the paint to wick out enough.  I have learned in the mean while, wet is really WET when it comes to watercolor paper.  I think I feared my paper bulking so I tried not to exaggerate the moist…  I do like that the paper is in a ring binder.  All my watercolor adventures will be in the same book that way.  And I still get the feeling I’m working on one project at a time.

I’m not so over the moon by the intensity of the color.  I have the feeling I should have went with artist quality for the Schmincke pans.  I thought it was to be honest, which is really silly because it says Academie on the box… So yeah, student quality :p  Oh well, it’s not too shabby. I will survive!

I hope you are enjoying a bit of sun too today.  Or a bit of art.  Or both!  Enjoy it while it lasts: carpe diem!


4 thoughts on “Getting to know my media: watercolor

  1. I think this is great, Krisje! You have done really well with the skin tones and I actually really like the hair, though I understand how it feels when things don’t match your vision. I love the way the colour bleeds in the clothing too. I think you have massive potential with watercolour.

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  2. It’s just Gorgeous!! (with a big G 😉 ) and actually I really love the hair! the black-one suggests this curly ‘kroeshaar’ texture! And the little red flowers brings a nice depth to your artwork!


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