Art Supply Shopping in France: Color’i Essey Les Nancy

Hi there Polkadot,

Let’s go shopping, shall we?  Today I will take you to yet another French chain store, this time combining the craft and the art, like it should be almost.

Color’i is a store that has locations in both Metz and Nancy.  We only visited the one in Nancy – to be honest because I wasn’t sure there were two locations. You can find out all their locations here.

I was really enthusiastic about this store.  Not only because of the rare combination of craft and art in that level, but also because they had set out things the way I like them to be.  You might not know this, but I once – very long ago – worked for a craft store chain myself.  And the one thing that always got me as a customer, even then, was that they would put all the supplies for one type of hobby together.  Like if there were a new book with for instance 3D cutting pages, stamps, eyelets and whatnot…  They would set up everything you needed to start on the projects in that book, around it in the shop.

Enter Color’i:


Even gift arrangements!  If you ever are in need of that creative artsy gift for that special person…  Don’t look any further.  Ok, it’s in France, I know, but still.  How nice is this?

Of course, we are in France now, you would find nice dispays and layouts of their national brands: Sennelier, Canson… You name it. And on the crafty side: Carabelle Studio products (stamps, stencils, dies) and Kesi’Art (inks)


And the other thing I’m a sucker for: promo’s.

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I couldn’t resist, and I took a tote with Dayler Rowney watercolor brushes home with me.

The novelty thing this store offered, I hadn’t seen it before: a computer that helps you pick out the paintbrush you need!

I’ll put the other pictures in a slideshow for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Would I advise a visit to a Color’i?  I think when you look at the pictures I took in the store, you don’t really have to ask 🙂  What about price?  Well, let’s just look at the price of one tube of Liquitex Basic acrylic paint…  I would normally pay 4,49 EUR for 118ml at Cultura.  Color’i sells the same tubes for 3,99 EUR. Their Polychromo pencils where a bit more expensive then in Germany, where they would sell for 1.60 at the cheapest.  Color’i sells them for 1,75 EUR per pencil. So you give a little, you take a little I guess.

Definitely a place to look up when you are visiting France!


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