Art Supply Shopping in France: Loisirs et Couleurs Nancy

Hi there Polkadot,

Another installment in the ‘Art Supply Shopping’ series 😉  Today I’m going to take you to the centre of Nancy in the lovely Lorraine.  Lorraine is the region in France that doesn’t have it’s own dedicated travel guide, and that’s a real pity.  Anyhow, I didn’t find a guide and I did search pretty hard!  However, today I’m only speaking to the art supply junkies amongst you, not the tourist especially.


I looked up the art supply stores in the area and stumbled upon the Loisirs et Couleurs shop (Hobbies and Colors). It’s a bit out of direction of the main shopping street, but doable on foot as I did. It is a small shop, don’t expect mega. As the name suggest, they combine both hobbies and fine arts supplies.  Being such a small player, they don’t stock serval brands in the same article.  Either one brand, but the whole line none the less.


I didn’t know Marabu did stencils too!  Not so many different types, but a nice variety none the less. They had a nice display of Promarkers and the new Winston & Newton markers.  Also, they had a nice stash of Sennelier inks.  I don’t know how to use those, but I have seen several beautiful cards made mentioning Sennelier, so I guess they use the inks as a watercolor.  They only thing I bought there was a Canson bloc of watercolor paper with spiral binding.  Price was 7 euro’s, I thought that was really good value for the money.



Just Winston & Newton here in open stock watercolor pans.

So, would I advise you to go check them out?  They are really friendly, and they do have a nice selection of craft supplies.  But if I would have to pick between them and going to Color’i?  I would choose the latter.  That’s a shame really because supporting the small businesses over the chain supply stores is important.  So if you are just city tripping, maybe without a car to take you to the outskirts of the town: do give them a visit!

Please check in later, I have yet two more stores in the region to share with you!






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