Finding inspiration: Egon Schiele

Hi there Polkadot,

Seeing the featured image with my post…  You probably went: what was she thinking?  Or what is that lady doing?  I’m not sure to be honest 😉  I think in the original by Schiele, the model is putting on her stocking, or some kind of clothing.  But I decided to make the piece of cloth into a blanket.  Making the image a bit bizar, I admit.


In this lesson of the Love Art Happy Life E-course, I followed the lead by Bybun to make this journal spread.

Supplies used for this spread:

  • collage papers
  • gel medium
  • acrylic paints in a muted palet
  • graphite pencil
  • stabilo Marks All pencil
  • gel pens
  • ink pens (Artline nr O)
  • posca paint pen in black

I made a second one too, because you know, layers have to dry and I have no patience.


Both of the journal pages started by studying a sketch by Schiele.  I really enjoyed doing these lessons! I have seen several of Schieles works in real life, because he is part of my favorite period in art: fin the sciecle, but I never really LIKED them.  I always am in awe of people being able to draw, especially people, and therefor I respected him for his art.  Even if his characters are deformed, but I never studies him or his art.  This lesson gave me a bit more understanding from where he was creating.  I didn’t find a nice long documentary to share with you. Bybun thought me how to break up an image an how to study it.  I’m pretty sure I couldn’t really draw from a live model, over a photo or a sketch, but this is yet another step in getting over thresholds.  Yeah for that!


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