Finding inspiration: Hannah Höch

Hi there Polkadot,

Just a quickie today to show you how my Hannah Höch inspired collage turned out.


Not so many supplies for this page: clear gesso, magazine cuttings, paint pens and a bit of neocolor II for the background.

Part of the assignment was to collage about something you feel strongly about.  For me one of the things ‘hard’ about society today (with the risk of sounding like a sociology professor) is too many choices, and as a result too many pressure and tasks we assign to ourselves.  Especially for women.  We want a career, we want to look like models in a magazine, we want a picture perfect home and family, we want to have fulfilling hobbies…  But still there are only 24 hours in the day.  Is this the cat in the bag? So that’s why my character has so many arms.  We have to / want to do everything and all at once.  It is also something I say several times a week: I need an extra arm!

Maybe it isn’t as outspoken as some of Hannah Höchs work, but for me it is relevant.  Come to think of it, Hannah was one of the first female artists that questioned the role females get in society, that questioned beauty standards…  So I don’t know if what I feel is so far away from what she experienced in a time where women didn’t even have the right to vote. If you want to know more about Hannah, you can have a look here.

This Love Art Happy Life course has already introduced me to a lot of female artist of whom I had never heard before: what a bonus!  As you know, I really like doing collage because it is linked to the freedom I felt creating as a kid.  This extra level of joy in using those magazine clippings to express what you feel, to express a passion you feel, that’s just another bonus.

And to take advantage of this forum, let me share with you all a bit of Belgian music about the theme I used for my page: too much of everything.




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