Finding Inspiration: new supplies

Hi there Polkadot!

It’s one thing to buy art supplies.  It is a whole other enchilada to play with them.  Since I was a scrapbooker, I had developed this habit of ‘saving’ my supplies.  Especially brand new ones.  One way to break this habit for me was working with kits.  Then I wanted to post your work on the website at the relevant time.  I don’t seem to have the same thing with art journaling supplies, but I do want to get right in there to test them out.  Once you have used them, the myth goes away and you are free to use them afterwards.


This is the page I made to play with my new Lindy’s Stamp gang supplies. I let myself be inspired by two video’s: Limor Webbers launch video, and the Lindy’s Stamp gang video by   Martha Lapkowska.


The spray’s are the Industrial Chic line by Limor Webber, without the steel shimmer.


I have put down some glass bead gel in the Dylusions stencil.  I used a white gelato to highlight the circles.  I forgot to include that in the picture.

Somehow I feel I overdid the spraying.  However, when you see the launching video Limor did for these sprays… There isn’t really a difference in modus operandi other then the paper. Maybe I should have dried more between colors.  Once dry they are permanent.  I bet that’s the trick.  I’m not sure I like the effect of the powders on top of the sprays.  I will have to play with them some more to find out. I mixed in some magical powder with the gesso to paint in the circles.  Then i drew around them with Stabilo All pencil and shaded with some water.

One thing I would like to share about the magicals.  Those little jars have a double lining.  They are far more smaller then you would think.  It is like some gold powder!!!  A supply to be careful with 😉  I hope you like my spread.  I had fun making it!

Talk to you soon xoxo


4 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration: new supplies

  1. Your artwork is superb as always. I’m bad for hoarding special papers and things I received in “happy mail”. I don’t want to squander them. I don’t tend to hoard other supplies though.


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