Hobbysalon Kortrijk: how I figure out what to buy at a craft show

Hi there Polkadot!

We’ve all been there.  You go to a craft show, super excited.  You come home, pull out all the stuff you bought.  Look at it.  Start to add up the bills.  You are amazed at how much you spend and how little stuff is on the table. And then after a short amount of time, you start thinking: damn, I didn’t get that.  Or: man, I wish I bought that, or I wish I hadn’t bought that…  At least, I hope I’m not the only supply junkie who has encountered those thoughts.

It has been at least a decade since I’ve started going to hobby shows.  Here in Belgium you have two big traveling shows: Hobby Salon (which is in the Flemish speaking part) and Creativa (which is a European show, but it is in the French speaking part of Belgium, and comes from France).  Both of them are interesting because there are different trends to be discovered. France has some native brands that aren’t always easy to find in other stores. It has been a long time since I went to a Creativa in Brussels, so I’m not sure how they stand on mixed media and art journaling.

After a few shows where I ended up missing out on supplies I really could/wanted to use, I started keeping lists.  Nowadays it isn’t on paper anymore, more in my head or on pinterest.  When I’m watching YouTube, and I see an item that grabs my attention: I pin it. And when the opportunity of a craft show comes, I’m ready to put my budget up to the wish list. Most of the time, I delete a number of items because time taught me it was just a ‘coup de foudre’, not more then puppy love. Of course I get seduced by supplies at the show, especially it there are demo’s, but still.  It makes it easier to stay on track.


This time, I really wanted Spectrum Noir Aqua markers.  A very talented lady in my art tribe showed me some possibilities, and you all know how I feel about markers.  I figured the Aqua Markers could give me the control I fear of losing when I would try real watercolor. I bought my Spectrum alcohol markers at the Hobby Salon last year.  So I really hoped I would get a good deal on the Aqua markers at the same booth.  No such luck, but I found them anyway. I had my eye on those Distress Crayons since the CHA, so no surprise I really wanted one package to try them out! I had seen some video’s on Youtube with magicals and I couldn’t pass up at some new Lindy’s Stamp gang sprays to go with them.  Seeing Basic Grey won’t be making scrapbooking paper any longer, I can’t really resist buying what is left.  I know this isn’t a sane reaction, because I hardly scrapbook anymore, let alone take pictures.  But hey…  Those gelato’s are just pure plain spoiling myself.  I have lusted for those for a year now.  Always saying I have enough water solubles. And I do.  But I really wanted to put those Distress Crayons to the test and I needed those similar colors then, right? Right!  🙂

So is this THE WAY to save yourself from disappointment?  I’m not sure, it works for me i guess!  But I do advice to use your pinterest to keep track of supplies you see in f.i. blogposts or youtube video’s.  You can also share your wishlist board with your family come present time 😉


4 thoughts on “Hobbysalon Kortrijk: how I figure out what to buy at a craft show

  1. Je hebt je goed laten gaan krisje!
    Heb mij onlangs de zig real collor bruch markers gekocht. Gebruik ze veel samen let de distress ink en ook met distress poeder. Eerst poeder en dan nog eens met de stiftjes over gaan . Cool effect geeft dat.


  2. I look forward to seeing what you create with your new goodies. I am especially intrigued by the Distress Crayons simply because I have had no luck with gelatos and wonder if those might be easier to work with than the gelatos. I save my wish list on Amazon. That doesn’t mean I always buy from Amazon but it is a handy place to maintain the list. I also go through my wish list regularly and delete things I have changed my mind about.


    1. That’s the thing in Belgium… We don’t have amazon directly. Of course we can buy from France, Germany or the UK, but it just isn’t that interesting because of shipping most of the time. There aren’t too many shops that have all the things I want in one place, makes pinterest easier. What bugs you with the gelato’s? I’m planning a blog post on the comparison, but there are already so many youtube video’s on that subject… It would be nice to figure something out for a friend 😀 It would get me a starting point too.

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