Mixing the media: what are all those different sprays?

Hi there Polkadot!


Today I want to talk to you about my spray collection. You can do great things with spays, but at the same time, the unpredictability can be intimidating too.

I own five different brands of sprays, and they all are different in some ways. Let’s start with Glimmer Mist.  They started all this spray madness in my neck of the woods.


The Glimmer Mist is a spray paint with glimmer particles.  Now the one thing you hear the most concerning these sprays, is that they get clogged all the time.  The trick is, you shouldn’t shake them vertically, but horizontally.  Otherwise the glimmer gets into the tube of the spray bottle and it jams up your nozzle.  You can find heaps of video’s on Youtube how to de-clog.  My method is to soak them in warm water.  Up till now that was enough to de-clog, but I have heard of people who had to throw them away. In my test it seemed to my the direction of the spray was least predictable and the width of the spray the biggest.

As far as comparison goes: once dry they don’t seem to react to water in my opinion.  But I will have to look into this further, because I’m not sure what kind of scrap paper I used to test out.


As far as shimmer goes, this one is the winner in my test.  But I guess it depends on the color too.

I was never big on glitter up to a point, so I only have four of the Glimmer Mists.  Somehow when Ranger came out with the Dylusions, I jumped for joy!  I had always been a fan of our Mr. Tim and his work, but the vibrancy of Dyan’s colors made my heart sing!  So I have all of the Dylusions sprays.  But to be honest, they scare me too.  They are so rich in pigment, and they are an ink, not a paint.  So when you spray, they kinda get all over the place and my hands are always a mess.  You cannot do this neatly 🙂


Seeing they are ‘flat’ colors with no glimmer what so ever, no risk of clogging the nozzles. There is however one exception: the white linnen spray.  Because it is opaque, they have added something to the ink, think of it als chalk.  If you store that spray upright, the chalk will settle in the bottle, around your nozzle and it will clog to explode with your next project. So, listen to Dyan, and store it laying flat. The safest thing to do is to always wipe the nozzle clean when you are doing a project, no matter what brand of spray.  That way even the resin doesn’t have a chance to dry and fill up the tiny hole.

Dylusions is an reactive ink, so when you put water to it, even when dry, it will reactivate.  This makes it a bit difficult to mix it in with other media I feel.  But when you put like gelato’s or other more greasy media on top, it won’t reactivate.

Next up, one of my Youtube hero’s of the time: Heidi Swapp, came out with her own sprays, after making a heap of video’s on working with Glimmer Mists.  And, clever girl, she tended to the complaint everybody had: she added a mixing ball to the mix, so you would have less settling of the glitter particles in you bottle. Enter the Color Shine!



I really like this brand for mixed media scrapbooking.  You can dilute the spray without compromising too much of the vibrancy in the color. It works wonders on dark surfaces too. It has a high pigmentation and really is a spray paint.  When dry it doesn’t reactivate in my test run.

Now, I’ve talked a lot about sprays being reactivated with water. After picking up mixed media, or rather starting to watch video’s on Youtube about the subject, I learned about the Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays.  Somehow I thought they were permanent when dry, but now I don’t seem to find where I picked up that info!


I really like them, but somehow need yet more time to play with them.  When I was ‘researching’ on youtube just now I came across pretty projects made with them.  I think I don’t use enough of them so the result turns out pastel like, instead of vibrant.

The last type of spray I tried out is the Prima Color Bloom.  Yet another brand that introduces innovation to the spray game: the handle is really ergonomic and you don’t have to open op the bottle if you want some splatter on your page.  You can press in halfway to create droplets.  Mind you, it has happened to me more then once that I press harder then the half way mark and I get a full blown spray on my project 😉 Practice a little!


Look at that shimmer!


I bought this golden one right after the ‘gold rush’ hit the craft world.  After that I have bought a sliver one too and that’s my collection of Color Blooms.

This is all of them together:


If I have to pick only one brand from my collection, it would be the Color Shine. I like the colors, I like the consistency.  I like that you can dilute it, but you don’t have to.

So that’s my sprays introduced to you 🙂  Now I’m off to create something… That was what I had set out to do two hours ago!  Ha!



3 thoughts on “Mixing the media: what are all those different sprays?

  1. Thank you so much for this post, Krisje. It’s very informative. The only sprays I have are the Dylusions ones. I love using them for backgrounds where I want puddling and splatters and am going to draw or print over the top in ink. I just cannot seem to work with them as a layering element though or in any controlled way such as through a stencil. I embrace the mess and use them when I want vibrant mess. I love the glimmer spray you have and that gold one too. I love using metallics so I will have to look into those.

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