History at the movies and art nouveau in Ghent

Hi there Polkadot!

Last Saturday I ventured out with my mother and sister to visit the History at the Movies expo in Ghent.  I am a sucker for historical drama, be it in series or in movies.  In Dutch we call that genre ‘costume movies’.  So when I found out there was an expo putting the costumes in the spotlight, featuring some of my favorite series as ‘The White Queen’, ‘The  Tudors’ and ‘Downton Abbey’, I couldn’t stay away!


The setting is ‘The Saint Peters Abbey’, one of the historical houses in Ghent.  Just look at that ceiling.

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At the end of the expo, there was a big table set up with hats, bonnets, clothing to try on.  Of course I had to put on some real ‘Jane Austen like’ bonnets, for your entertainment of course.

Going into the Saint Peters square in Ghent, we passed the ‘Art Avenue’ and what a treat it was.  I rarely visit Ghent on foot, most of the time I’m by car and we park nearby the shopping district.  I had never been on the Art Avenue so I had to take my time and look at the beautiful fin de siècle buildings.

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So beautiful! There was a building on the other side of the street with a gorgeous Art Nouveau facade that was for rent!  I borrowed this picture from the realtors website:


Just dreamy if you ask me.  Look at all the details around that front door.  It makes the building next to it a little ‘plain Jane’.

Life is just full of little treasures 🙂  I’m really looking forward to our upcoming holiday to Lorraine in France.  Finally I will be visiting the Villa Majorelle and the museum of the ‘Ecole de Nancy’.  I’m really excited! I won’t be able to take pictures of the exterior of the villa because it will be in renovation.  But I buy a big book full of pictures taken by real photographers to compensate!


Talk to you soon!


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