Finding Inspiration: Kandinsky (part 3)

Hi there Polkadot!

You know my Arty mission this year is to find my own voice.  I’ve signed up for two different online art journaling courses to work on that goal. Somehow I seem to end up combining several techniques, color combinations and so on, that I see during watching the supporting video’s of different courses.  My mind works that way, it’s like a big Pinterest in there.  Things get stuck and come out at a different time.

That happens with LoveArtHappyLife too.  I love seeing documentaries on the featured artists.  Things stick to me.  Things about their life, their personality, their palet and sometimes their subjects.

With Kandinsky, even when I already created one page.  I still kept coming back to his use of the skyline of the Red Square in his home town Moscou.  Not too compare to much, but I think it spoke to me because I have the skyline of my own hometown engraved in my heart too…  I made this page about it last year:


So the melancholy and homesick feeling resonated with me.  It sounds negative, but it doesn’t feel that way.  Kandinsky transformed the sights in so many different ways, you sometime don’t even notice.

So I started out by doing a background technique Katherine Crane showed us in a Wanderlust class.  I loved her use of paint and color, plus the tone on tone markings.  Then I put up some buildings, without looking at pictures first, because I wanted to use my imagination rather then looking at how the Red Square really looks.

And when I finished the raw outline, I picked up my Dylusions paints to fill in the outline.

Speaking of which.  If you own the pink and purple Dylusions paint, it might be worth your while to look at this video Dyan did.  I had a pink and purple one from the bad batch, so adding water from time to time could save your paints!

Then I put on a good video and started zentangling.  Let nobody ever tell you they did a quick zentangle drawing, because there is no such thing 😉  Yes, of course when you do one design on a card, then it can be quick.

This is how my Pink Square looks:

I really had some fun and relaxation doing this page 🙂


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