Finding inspiration: Kandinsky

Hi there polkadot!

I sure hope you are having a better weekend then I am 🙂 Just had a flue filled night: yuk!  But anyhow, I wanted to show you what just happend in my art room, to keep this blog show on the road.

This weekend Andrea Gomoll‘s class got posted on Love Art Happy Life e-course.  Her favorite artist is Wasily Kandinsky.  To find out even mor then Andrea talked about in her video I watched this documentary.  It’s in German.

I was captivated by the symbols he used in his most abstract works, symbols of his home Moscou.  I really liked that idea.  Also, I liked, again, the usage of BLUE as a symbolic color.   So I decided to go with a blue background.  Other then in the lesson by Andrea, I chose acrylic paints for the background.  I wanted to feel the brushstrokes and I wanted the most of my time in my room.  Somehow I don’t have the patience today to deal with anything else.


This ‘improvisation’ by Kandinsky caught my eye in the documentary.  So I made a mental picture of it to take to my table.  I also like the combination of primary yellow and primary blue, always have.  So no wonder I took out blue, white and yellow to begin with.

There is not much left of the original at this stage, but I guess that’s the whole idea.  I gather that water soluble media would be more appropriate for this effect, just because I don’t seem to be able to get a good blend.  I have to mention that my white paint is a cheap heavy body, and that could be the reason why I cannot blend my colors properly…


As you can see I still have to put color on my geometrical shapes, do line work, add shading here and there.  So I am far from finished 😉

Just wanted to drop in and let you know what I’m working on!

Have a nice Sunday!




3 thoughts on “Finding inspiration: Kandinsky

  1. I really like what is emerging in your pages. The blues and yellows work really well. I taught my kids about Kandinsky over the summer and then we saw some of his art in the gallery in Philadelphia. His work is really interesting and strikes me as modern even now.


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