Why I started Wanderlust and LoveArtHappyLife e-course

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Last Sunday I talked about why I didn’t finish the e-courses on art journaling I started during last year.  Today, let’s focus on the positive and the today shall we? 😉 I’ll take you through my thought process in choosing which course to follow.

Every e-course can bring you something.  I’m positive every course out there will teach you something.  It only depends what you are searching for, if the course fits your needs or not.  Of course teaching styles is something to consider too, but you don’t always know that before hand. During Lifebook and DLP last year, I was in awe of artist having a recognizable style, a trademark. Those people really made it in my view.  You have people like Deb Weiers, Minerva Levinston and Angela Kennedy.  Artist doing the same courses I was, but really standing out in their own way to me.   Because I’m still so new in this art journaling language, I have only begun to grasp a little bit of the vocabulary, I’m not even speaking full sentences. So I really need to make volumes of art, to explore not only my supplies, but also my voice.

That’s a pickle, because like all of you, the only supply I cannot buy, is time.  I work fulltime, so I don’t have heaps of spare time on my hands.  That’s why I cannot sit through hours of video. Seeing last year Art journal summer school was such a breath of fresh air, and the hostess Marieke Blokland promised to keep the video’s digestible…  I could not stay out of LoveArtHappyLife e-course, now could I?

Somewhere on the worldwide web, I saw this introduction of Wanderlust. And after some talking about it with my artsy friends, I thought it was a good idea to register.  It’s not about a step by step, rather watching one artists flow, and beginning your own.  Learning more about art supplies… And after just one mini session, I can say I did already learn a lot! Now I will just have to learn to let go more, and just have fun. Because that’s what it is all about: letting go (don’t sing the song please, only if you can do it without bothering someone else, in that case, go right ahead and sing you little heart out!) and having fun!

So I will try and keep up with the lessons, and keep you updated on my progress along the way.


4 thoughts on “Why I started Wanderlust and LoveArtHappyLife e-course

  1. Perfect! Yes not all classes are perfect for everyone. I had to choose from Wanderlust and LoveArtHappyLife and I went through the same steps you did and ended up in Love Art. I had won a spot in Art Journal Summer School and I enjoyed it very much. I love reading your posts and watching you grow as an artist! Hugs to you my friend!

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  2. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with both these courses.

    I’m with you on trying to hone my own personal style. I am pretty close with my more graphic, illustrative work but nowhere near with my mixed media stuff.


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