Why I didn’t finish any of my art journaling courses

Hi there Polkadot!

How have you been doing?  Long time no see right?  I hope you are doing ok.

Did you survive the holidays?  I nearly didn’t.  I don’t like this time of year.  I used to, but some nasty stuff happend to me and my family during that ‘most wonderful time of the year’.  So no, I don’t like it anymore.

But every cloud has a silver lining. With the new year come two things I look forward to: the first is the Craft and Hobby Association trade show (CHA) where all kinds of new products are introduced.  The second is the kick off of new art journaling e-courses!  This year I’m participating in Wanderlust and LoveArtHappyLife e-course. But I’ll get into that in a next post.  I don’t want to talk you to sleep today!

I know I haven’t been good, and I didn’t finish one course I started last year.  That’s a lot, seeing I did four of them.  But still, life is a journey and you have to take it as it comes. So let’s have a look what happened… Maybe we can both learn something out of it.


Didn’t I like the e-courses?  Of course I did.

  • The only one I really had trouble with, was the Inspirational Drawing course by Päivi Eerola. She is a wonderful artist, I am in awe of what she does.  I wanted to do her course because her favorite supply is the colored pencil.  It brought me great joy and ‘flow’ when I used them for DLP. But I didn’t reach the level of greatness the other students reached.  Maybe I lack in talent, maybe it is just not my thing.  I did enjoy doing the exercises, but as usual, I still have some of them to do in order to finish. I had trouble with the combination of my art journal (which was a Canson Art book in this case) and my pencils (Derwent Color Soft).  I didn’t achieve the same look as the teacher.  The paper got saturated with wax really fast, so I couldn’t really build up color.  I didn’t feel like investing in more expensive pencils, because I already own the Color Soft collection…  So there was that…
  • The Lifebook story. This course was a life changer to me. It opened my eyes to my possibilities.  I loved the lessons, but after the summer, somehow they spoke less to me.  They were very intense and time consuming for me.  I didn’t always have the time to sit through lengthy video’s. I chose not to do it a second year, because I heard several of my artsy friends saying the same thing: they didn’t do all the lessons, saved them to their hard drives, ect.  Even though it is really a good deal for such quality and quantity of education, I decided I wouldn’t register this year.  I wanted to go on with my own path. After seeing some flip through journals of past Lifebook years, I also think for me personally, it wouldn’t be the best move in my journey.
  • The Documented Life Project is a whole different story.  Seeing you have far more creative freedom in the concept of 2015, you cannot compare Lifebook to DLP for last year.  Or at least I kept close to the lessons in Lifebook.  Not everyone did, neither should you if you are more advanced.  I think I dropped out of DLP because I filmed myself doing those pages, and somehow that became a blockage on my creativity. Weird.   This year, they are doing another concept, being the ‘unplanner’.  I know planners are all the rage, but I don’t do planners.  I have no life to plan really 😉 So no DLP for me in 2016.
  • Last of all, it was Art journal summer school.  Fun!  And compact in time, no great plan to overthink ahead, just plain fun.  Taking out your supplies, watching a short video and go at it and create!  I dropped out after a lesson where a bit more drawing was involved that had to look like something.

I think it is clear to say, my old pall perfectionism and it’s sidekick Inner Critic really got to me on a subconscious level.  Damn you!

So, while thinking over the loss of creative play in my life, I decided to go for yet another creative journey in art journaling e-courses. I’ll talk about this in my next post.  Thanks for bearing with me on this lengthy discussion.  For me, knowing why someone didn’t hold on, is just as valuable information as knowing why you should participate in a course.  So that’s why I wanted to share.  After all, this is what this blog is all about: discovering art journaling one step (or e-course) at a time.

Nice talking to you again!





5 thoughts on “Why I didn’t finish any of my art journaling courses

  1. Hmmm… Hope you left Inner Critic and perfectionism in 2015! Looking forward to your next post and your takes on the LAHL-lessons. And… let’s plan another meet-up!


  2. Totally recognize that. To many classes and fell behind or some I did not even start. But hey there downloaded for later use. This year again to many classes but this will be the last year I do that. And I am planning (I like planning and need it that is part of the reason it went wrong) but no stress going to do my own thing and com bine it all where I can. And you are right. Some lessons just take to much time to watch. They could work on getting that smaller and after 5 years of classes I am ready to do my own thing with it instead of following very step. That was why I did DLP last year just do my thing with the prompts.
    So let’s get creative. Bye

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  3. I am glad you have the attitude towards this that you do – that you don’t feel like dropping out equates to failure. In fact, I applaud you for knowing what was a better use of your time and other resources and not sticking with things that did not click with you. For something like Life Book, you can always go back and pick up a lesson you missed here and there when the mood suits.

    I kept up with LB and DLP last year. This year I am doing LB and am also doing Let’s Face It. I also won a spot on Mixed Media Mythology. I am worried I might be completely overwhelmed with scheduling problems but I have promised myself to work at a reasonable pace and not flog myself to meet self-imposed deadlines. I have ditched DLP this year because the planner thing isn’t my bag and I also felt it was time for pastures new in terms of art journal prompts so I am doing Colour Me Positive. Lots of creative challenges for 2016!

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    1. It felt like a little failure, but if you don’t have the time, or you are spending it scrapbooking or crocheting, you are expressing. As long as we have that, it’s ok I guess. I have downloaded every lesson very neatly and I will enjoy them in the right time 🙂 I really loved the format and in the beginning the step by step, but when time got more precious due to work… You know how it goes.

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