Lifebook: Juliette Cranes happy painting


Hi there!

Come on in and take a cup of coffee, will you.  The thermos is set up there, and there are some cookies if you want them.

It’s been a while since I have talked about Lifebook.  Well, that has a reason I’m sorry to say.  I’ve fallen WAY behind on Lifebook and DLP both.  I have been living the summer life, meeting up with friends, spending time outside. Living the good life in short.  On the other hand, life can get really heavy and cloudy in one instant.  I know art journaling takes my mind of things, but sometimes when my mind is too full with musings, I cannot get myself to sit down and art.

I don’t want to seem all heavy, so let’s cheer each other up with a little game.




I bet you can name the three artists who’s work is above…  I think it is a real amazing thing to have a style, a signature that is so recognizable, you can identify it at a glance!  I feel it is the same deal with art journal artists.  Of course there is no distinction between ‘real artists’ and art journalers, but you know what I mean 😉

One of those recognizable artists and style, is Juliette Crane.  It is not like I had heard of her like a year ago, when I wasn’t an art journaler before anything else. But when you get around online, you come across these cute little creatures.  All colorful and lovable, mostly owls!  That’s her!

Now, my creature would be a cat, of course.  So here is my go at the ‘happy painting’


I wasn’t so happy about it.  I felt I didn’t capture the same amount of depth and cuteness.  But I still like it anyway.  I will have to get back to her lesson soon.  I see she already has a second one on my to do list in Lifebook.  So I am looking forward in going deeper into this style.


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