Why you shouldn’t take your significant other with you to the art store…

Hi there polkadot!

How have you been?  Summer has been filled with stuff, lots of fun but not so much time for blogging!

This year, I will have no summer holiday 😦  I have to work, because I’m doing a temp job, just to fill in other peoples vacation time. So when my SO, Thibault, had his holiday, we took advantage of my free days to do some smaller trips.

We headed off to Maastricht.  It is a bit of a drive, but we like the atmosphere there so we go there about once every year.  Thibault likes the shopping there, he easily finds clothes there he likes and that fit.  This time, I really wanted to visit an art store.  I wanted to because I did an ‘art supply shopping in France’ blogpost, so I wanted another one for the Netherlands… Well, it didn’t quite work out as I planned…  And here is why:


I wasn’t alone! 🙂

The store we visited is part of a chain called Peter Van Ginkel.  They have their own brand of paints (behind Thibault) And lots of mediums as you can see in the picture.


But I left home with a ‘crafty’ supply list made of neocolor II’s and Derwent Color Soft pencils.  No luck there. I guess there still is a difference between the ‘popular‘ mixed media / crafting supplies that we all crave and the real art supplies we sometimes are afraid of. By crafting supplies I mean stuff like gelato’s for instance, or dylusions sprays, or gelli plates. Maybe it is not just our media we are mixing, but in fact two different worlds!

Thibault knew of my ‘shopping list’ so he got bored really quickly when they didn’t have what I came for.  Quite reasonable 😉

So we headed back out and enjoyed our day.

IMG_20150801_122238 IMG_20150801_131732


We ended our day on our side of the border, in Hasselt.  We found this little coffee shop called King Kong.  This type of coffee was called ‘Ginger Spice’.  It tasted like heaven!  It was a real hipster place to be, you could tell by looking at the people around us.  You don’t see many hipsters were I live, so it was fun to see what the hip kids are wearing.  I took a quick scan to see if I saw anyone sketching or anything.  Seemed like a hipster thing to do, but maybe they weren’t that kind of hipsters 😉

I hope you are enjoying the summer! I’m just starting the Art Journal Summer School.  If you follow my Instagram feed here, you can see what I am up to.  I will blog about this more in the next days. Talk to you soon!



2 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t take your significant other with you to the art store…

  1. What a pity they didn’t have the things you were after – though it looks like a terrific store. It seems like you made the most of your trip regardless. My husband would never accompany me on an art supply shopping trip: he’s allergic to art shops in the same way I’m allergic to his favored computer gaming shops.


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