Where does the inner critic come from?

Hi there,

Let’s talk about that inner critic, shall we.  Sometimes your mind plays tricks on you, and even with great inspiration you put your own work down. Lend you ear to this great short speech to get everything in perspective, and get inspiration from these words by Ira Glass.

I have just about shared this everywhere, just because it was an eyeopener to me.  I do not hardly journal as much as I would want to.  Not just because life is going on in the meanwhile, but because I sometimes feel every piece has to be a ‘masterpiece’ and I get really demotivated when I don’t feel it lives up to my own expectations.

And that frustrates me too, because it should be a hobby that gives me energy, not takes energy away from me.


I took this picture when I was doing a Lifebook lesson by Jeanne Oliver. I really loved the techniques and the teaching style in this lesson.  I felt I was learning heaps, and at the same time I didn’t feel overly intimidated by the task at hand. But when I was doing the first drawing i struggled – it should have been a self portrait, but I didn’t get a good picture of myself, so I tried just to draw a face.  After doing the face, I decided to take a picture, because sometimes you see what is ‘off’ when you photograph your work.  I got so overcome with self criticism, I started doubting the whole existence of the world.

At that time, I reached out to my online support group.  Luckily I have a tribe that has my back. (you know who you are!) And I was able to step away from my doubts.  I think it was a couple of days later I could pick up the pieces and continue on my journey.


This was the second stage of this work.  You see I struggled with the image transfer on the right too ( I don’t own the right kind of printer).  But I feel after all the struggles I went through with this piece…  I survived, and so did she. In this photo she isn’t finished yet, obviously, but I will take decent pictures of her with the nice camera and give her her own proper blogpost in time.

All this to conclude, I REALLY feel what Ira Glass said in the short interview in the youtube video.  And I haven’t even done my share of work to get to the good stuff.  We all have to keep at it and in time we will get there, because we have stelar taste, right???  And that great taste, that is where the inner critic starts from 🙂


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