Where I find inspiration to art journal

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 It is really rainy here, so it would be excellent weather to cuddle up to some paints and brushes in the art room, wouldn’t it?  So there you go, you take a seat behind your blank page…  You caress it…  You are ready for your muse do drop by and send you into arting nirvana!  But it seems she is on a vacay or something… How do you get started?

I wanted to share with you how I deal with this ‘blank page terror’.  There are really many tactics to tackle this fear.  The first month of this year, ‘how to deal with the blank page’ was the theme for The Documented Life Project too.  I’ll sum up their suggestions for you, and link to the pages I made starting from those prompts:

  1. book pages
  2. gesso
  3. the color wheel: choose your colors according to the color wheel and lay them on your paper
  4. words: write journaling on your page, and cover it… or don’t…

Personally, I don’t find gesso that effective, especially the white gesso. But at least you have a layer down and it gets your creative juices flowing: right?  Well, another way of letting in inspiration for me, is youtube and Pinterest.  We ARE in the digital ‘epoque’, aren’t we.  Because I am still learning a lot, and everyday, about supplies, techniques and all that jazz, I feel the internet is a big GIANT library where you can go and meet inspirational artist, see amazing artworks, and even find inspiration in music and spoken word. The trick is to be really ACTIVE about your inspiration seeking.  Not just spend hours on the net and not creating.  Make a Pinterest board: stuff to try out, and then make a habit of picking the first technique on there when you are in need of inspiration. I am terrible at keeping a clean house, even in my boards.  But I do recommend you delete once you have the technique in your journal.  Or move it to another board when you want to keep the pin for reference.  So you will always have a board filled with fresh ideas waiting for you to create!

I created this page by starting of with a Inktense background.  This technique was introduced to me by Terri Kahrs, al lovely artist that shared her flow through the Documented Life Project of last year.   She has some great video’s on her Youtube channel!  I’ll post the first one of the tutorial I based myself on for the background.

Great teachin’ going on there! Thanks Terri, I really enjoyed your video’s.

I combined some other techniques in my spread, like collage.  I found this lady in a magazine.  I painted over her with gesso and gave her another outfit, and hairstyle.  I’m still struggling with hair to be honest.  I’ve learned a lot about collage and the different ways to use it in the Lifebook lessons of this year.  Really, there is inspiration all around.  All you have to do, is take out the pieces that speak to you and give them a go on your page.


I finished off the page with some text I kept in my collage drawer.  It where title pages of the Flow magazine.  Kinda fitting when you think about gardening.  I drew the flowers with Neocolor I.

Thanks for taking a moment to read my blog!  I really appreciate it 🙂


5 thoughts on “Where I find inspiration to art journal

  1. Loved to read it again Krisje. I love gesso as a base coat it works great but also to get structure. I even write with gesso. I have it in a fine nip bottle. And did you ever try making structures with gesso and then watercolor over it en with a baby wipe whitining areas again (something I picked up at a class of carla somheim)

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    1. Well, the technique you describe kinda sounds like the technique I used for this page actually 🙂 it’s with Inktense instead of watercolors. The thing i use gesso for the most, I failed to mention actually: putting over a thin layer ontop of another layer to unify… Stuff to create another blogpost about! 😀 Thanks for commenting Carla! Always nice to hear from you xoxo


  2. Your page is stunning, Krisje. I love the figure and I think you are rather good at hair actually.

    That’s a good tip about using the inspiration boards on Pinterest by selecting the first pin, trying it, then moving it to another board. I will do that if I ever find time to actually try the stuff I have pinned.


  3. LOVE your spread! I think your lady is beautiful and original, and I wouldn’t “fuss” over her hair too much! I’m thrilled to pieces and am very honored that you found my videos to be inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing! Knowing that they’ve helped you to create has made my day bright and shiny!!! Sending HUGE hugs!!! ♥

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