DLP week 13 : marks as a focal point

Hi there!


We all have a doodle we thoughtlessly draw when we are on the phone, or listening to a point made in a meeting…

This is my doodle, always…  Big rounded flowers with round centers and rounded pettals. I also like circles and groups of three.  Three circles, with three little dots in them: very me!

This is another page where I just had fun and went with it.  I used oil based crayons to colorize the flower pettals. The background is made up by layering distress paints and stenciled images with texture paste stencilled through. I really like how the red jumps of off the page.  I did have to spray several coats of fixative to keep the oily crayons in their spot.

I can’t believe how quickly time goes, thinking I did this page way back in March!  Really makes me want to grab my art journal and doodle some more flowers 🙂  I sometimes feel I have to reïnvent the wheel with every page I make. When it isn’t the goal to create something new and wonderful every time.  It can just be about creating, about fun!

What do you doodle? Are you a flower doodler too?


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