How I deal with contrast

Hi there,

How have you been?

I have just enjoyed a few days off.  Reloading my batteries with friends, family and sightseeing!


Thibault, my significant other, and I ventured out to Vlissingen and Middelburg in the Netherlands to eat mussles. I know, it’s not like you cannot buy them here in the store. But I really needed a day out and about.  And after seeing the movie ‘Admiral’ about Michiel De Ruyter, a famous naval hero of the Netherlands, I thought, why not go out and see what all the fuss is about 😉

As you can see, the weather wasn’t great. But it makes for great pictures! The local art supply store was closed, so I couldn’t do a review on that for you… But I did find some stuff to carve stamps in the local Hema, a kind of general store that has nice washi tapes and sometimes crazy things like a lino set for 5 euro’s!

If you look at the picture above, you can see the amazing contrast that gives this great dramatic image.  That is something you need in art journal pages too, if you want to impress.  I’m not so good at it. Doing one of the Lifebook lessons I learned the trick to photograph your work in black and white to see if your work has contrast enough.  This too, is something left/right brained, because it is really weird how different your work can look in pictures versus in real life.  If you feel something is off, take a picture, and i assure you, you will see your work   with different eyes!

I’m still working on that ‘a picture says more then a thousand words’ page.  Haven’t been creative in a few days.  Yesterday I tinckered a bit more with the contrast.  I feel I’m nearly done now.  I’ll show you the second part of the video today.


This is where the video ended.  you can see in black and white that there is more contrast on the right page.  Those two spots where i have put stabilo All pencil in the multi colored layer.  So I took out the inktense pencils and put a little more darker color around the one colored pieces, and black to outline the multi colored ones.


Do you see the difference?


I think I’m calling it quits… For now 🙂


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