Lifebook : layers of my heart


Lets throw in a whole lotta color at once shall we 😉

Another lovely lesson by Tamara Laporte of Willowing Arts.  I especially like the lessons where we use Dylusions inksprays, because I have practically all of them… but still am intimidated by them.  One thing I find REALLY wonderful about Lifebook, is that it is on loose sheets of watercolor paper.  Like, if you mess up so hard you can’t stand to look at your piece, you put it away in a drawer (never throw away, it’s part of your process anyhow), and you take a new piece of paper and start over.

I know, I’m weird.  But I still am too precious about what I do, seeing this is all still very new to me.  When something looks ok, I still feel it was a lucky shot and I will never be able to create something like that ever again 😀

This lesson was all about gratitude, gratitude for the little things in life.  What makes your heart flutter on a day to day basis.  This is one tricky question for me. Some days I feel so grateful I could burst, other days… Not so much.  Here are some things I added in the mix:

  • strength
  • seasons and the way they change
  • my cats
  • my love
  • friendship

I haven’t yet completed all of the hearts. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t…  It’s all good.

The weather has been cooler and windy the last two days.  I’m trying to recharge my batteries.  This weekend will be full of family, friends and maybe a trip to the Netherlands to taste the first new mussles…  Maybe I will even find an art store there!  I’ll keep you posted anyhow, of course.

Talk to you soon xoxo


4 thoughts on “Lifebook : layers of my heart

  1. Your hearts look beautiful and I love the pocket you made for them. Mine got very messy and looked like an old bruise. I think you look like an ink spray expert with these results. I’ve not yet learned how to use a stencil with them. It just ends in mess.


  2. Your hearts are lovely! I love Dylusions Spray Inks! Messy but fun! I just wish they were permanent. I will sometimes spray outdoors to avoid getting it everywhere! Oh, and I really like your color choices too! 🙂


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