DLP: A pictures says more then a thousand words.

Hi there,

It has been a week of tropical temperatures here in my neck of the woods. I do not function well if it gets over, lets say 28°C.  I know, my limit isn’t that high…  But what can you do?

I started this page on Sunday, tinkering a bit with it on Monday.  But then the heat set in and I haven’t touched it since then.  So I’ll show you where I am at now.   Seeing this temperatures will stay with us through next week.  Yikes!


This is how the page looks today. I didn’t think about it too much while making it.  I wanted to create something with blues and greens…  But then it needed some yellow for some spark.  You don’t see much of the yellow now do you?  Then I decided to throw in some neon pink.  And yeah…  😀

I’ll show you my vid up till here.  I know it doesn’t look much like ‘a picture says more then a thousand words’, but sometimes saying nothing and just doing speaks volumes too. I just had a day of scrapbooking behind me when I started on this spread, and I wasn’t feeling the ‘picture in the journal’ vibe.  To me it is just two different things at this moment.  They are really close, like nieces, and they do have things in common and like some of the same things… But they are definitely two different people.  So, up ’till now, no real pictures in the art journal.   Only magazines cut up.  Oh well, I’m probably not making any sense at the moment.  Blame it on the weather 😉   hahaha!

You know what’s weird.  While I look at the pictures of the page now: the solid color pieces jump out more than the multi-colored pieces… It should be the other way around.

I used these supplies (in order of appearance ;D)

  1.  Lindy’s Stamp gang sprays
  2. Liquitex acrylic
  3. Golden acrylic
  4. Heidi Swapp Color Shine
  5. Distress paints
  6. truckload of stencils from the Crafter’s Workshop, Kesi Art, Dylusions,  Prima…
  7. Amsterdam neon acrylic paint
  8. Dylusions ink spray (black)
  9. Panduro heavy body acrylic (white circles)
  10. stabilo all pencil (black)
  11. pilot gell pen (black)
  12. Derwent graphik paint pen (yellow brick)
  13. Liquitex ink (black)
  14. Dylusions white ink

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