Do scrapbooking and Gelli Plate printing go together?

Ow, hi there!

Today was a very good day.  I had a playdate with my artsy friends Els and Inge. We started out by trying to scrapbook. I say trying, because it was a while ago we three did scrapbook.  And like most of things, it takes some time to get your groove back. My routine looks like this:

  • I stare at paper,
  • move it around a bit,
  • stare at my pictures
  • talk about one hundred different things..
  • then I finally make up my mind, I cut the first paper and things start to happen.

We were talking about Gelli plates all of a sudden. Because I didn’t exactly know what to do with the page I was putting together.  Els asked me: “why don’t you try out the technique we are talking about?”  And so I decided to take out the Gelli plate and make my first ‘Gelli transfer film’ tapies.  This video from the Gelli Arts channel tells you basically how it works.


This is how my first try ended up.  Of course, the virus spread really fast around the table, as you can imagine.


Here’s Els, giving it a pull 😉


Is it dry enough already?  Patience, girls, patience!

Inge used the Gelli Plate to do a background directly on her first page. She later did one with tapes too.


And this is us, showing of our layouts:



Els’ gorgeous en precious son Stef, stealing the show.  But there is tape under there too you know.


Even the rising of your bread can be a good subject for a layout… Especially when you put it in your greenhouse to rise! This is Inges page.


And this one is mine.  I finally am finished with scrapbooking our first day in Paris of a two day stay.  Think my album is half filled already!

I’ll sign off today with a close up picture:


So do I think scrapbooking and Gelli Plating go together?  YES I DO. Why?

  1. Because it just does.
  2. It is super fun to do: printing is fun, and scrapbooking is fun too, so double the fun!
  3. It’s a nice technique you can use for all kinds of crafts really, and you don’t have to own heaps of stuff to create it.
  4. Even happy accidents look beautiful: the word on the photo above was meant to be stamped in paint, but the first layer came off and so i had a ghost image. You can’t really see it in the picture, but the Perfect Pearls underneath make it really shiny.

I hope this blogpost sheds some light on how you can combine your scrapbooking with something ‘mixed media’ en ‘journaling’.  Have fun with it!


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