DLP: hometown inspiration


Home.  It is a bit of a frustrating thing for me.  Home is where you come to after a days work.  Home is where you art.  Where you come at peace with yourself.  Well, my house is definitely my home, but the surroundings aren’t. Sometimes I wish I could uproot our house, and plant it closer to my ‘real’ hometown.

So when you say ‘home’ to me, the first image that comes to mind, is this:

When we go to visit my hometown, Mechelen, I always get a calming feeling when I see this cathedral appear. “I’m home”, so that was of course the emotion I wanted to capture this week.  The prompt this week can be found here.  There is no place like home 😉

Still inspired by the canvas with the skyline I saw at Cultura last week, I wanted to do something like that. So I wondered if I would depict the tower in gelliprinted papers, with burst of colour…  But then I figured a black silhouette would have more impact.  But what about the background?  So I started my search with good old Google, for a good picture of a skyline.  Strangely enough, I found the Antwerp skyline between the images of Mechelen.  Well, I got my bachelor degree in Antwerp and my grandmother grew up there.  So there was a link there too.  And it was depicted with such luscious sunset colors…  Got to try this.  And I tried out some dylusions as background in my little journal to see if the dylusions where the way to go.   Although I liked the outcome in my small journal, the big dylusions journal has a more absorbent kind of paper.  So it came out a bit different.  I have more of the blue splatter in my large journal. In the small one I feel the paper is less absorbent so you have more time to work the color around. Anyhow, we made it work 😉

I could have put more time in the lettering, but hey, I had to get to my housework pronto!


I hope you like it! Talk to you later 😀

The Documented Life Project: https://artismyfavoritecolor.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/dlp-hometown-inspiration/


5 thoughts on “DLP: hometown inspiration

  1. Krisje, I am the one who had asked if you lived near Antwerp, where my friend lives. I am glad I finally get to see Antwerp. This silhouette is absolutely beautiful. I only know a few words in Dutch, so I will say Mooi, Mooi, Mooi! HUGS!!! Pamikins

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