Collaging is FUN!

I love art journaling because of the freedom it evokes. It is the same freedom I felt creating when I was a child. Ok, being totally honest, videotaping myself right now didn’t increase my freedom.  But I deal with it because it was my idea in the first place to videotape myself so you guys can see what I am up to.  I videotape to share my process, to show you my faves as well as experiments that didn’t go to well so you don’t have to waste creating-time by trying them. I was a stamper, and then a scrapbooker, but even before all that I was a little kid that enjoyed drawing, coloring and drawing out the stories I had in my head.


Even now, I sometimes have to remind myself my tongue belongs in my mouth when I’m drawing 😉  I believe our inner child is in fact the better party of our inner critic.  If the inner critic is the black devil on your left shoulder, I imagine your inner child is skipping on your right shoulder, singing you funny songs to cheer you on.  It wants you to come out and play!

So the first time I really felt the shackles of expectation fall of my creative soul, was whilst creating this page:


I created it after watching the ‘how to’ video’s by Teesha More.  She is one of my idols!  I took my beloved pile of ‘Flow’ magazines.  These Dutch magazines are so beautifully made, different kinds of paper, artwork, but I got my courage and scissors together and cut apart the magazines to pieces I could use Teesha-style.  This page was created directly after that.  Man I had so much FUN, i was giggling out loud.  Mainly when I’d put the mushroom on the sheep’s head for some reason.  Secretly, I have always wanted to put clothes on animals.  I know it freaks out people, but to me it just seems fun!

After I did this page, I called out to my lovely friends through Facebook to find someone who had some magazines to spare so I could collect more eyes, mouths, ect.  You should see the pile of magazines I have laying around now 😀  I love this kind of random act of kindness. It is so totally not my style to ask for anything, and thus my amazement and gratitude for what people would willingly share with me so I could create weird collages was even greater then the pile of magazines.

This page I created with a picture of one of my cats, Ferro.   She looks rather french in her fishnet tights doesn’t she?


So, here is my quest for you…  If you, like me, enjoy to get in touch with your inner creative child, look up this video by Teesha Moore, gather some magazines and just jump in.  It really is as easy as that. I really hope you try it on for size, and let me know how you felt!


5 thoughts on “Collaging is FUN!

  1. Leuk om te doen hè? Ik zie je gewoon zitten giechelen, en herken het gevoel dat je beschrijft (weer een klein meisje zijn!) Ik collage niet vaak op die manier – het is gewoon niet zo mijn stijl – maar zo nu en dan heb ik er even zin in en speel ik met lijven/ogen/monden. Hier is een ‘ouwetje’ in mijn Chronicles art journal uit 2010 (oh, en ken je Sandra “SanARTyDesigns”? Ik denk dat je haar werk wel mooi zult vinden…


    1. Ja! Ik heb haar werk leren kennen in de MMNL groep, ik volg haar op YouTube. Haar werk is echt MACHTIG! Ik denk dat ik in de toekomst nog wel iets ga doen met een filmpje van haar 😉 deze week ben ik aan een Lifebook les bezig waar ook collage in komt. Bedankt voor de links 🙂 ze heeft een eigen pinterestbord bij me voor eigen gebruik


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