An All Markers Background

Hi there!

I wanted to go further on my post on markers.  Like, how would you journal if you only had markers to play with…  Is it possible?  Of course it is!   I’ll show you how I like to play with my markers in this post.   We have had some real summer weather last days, so I wanted to include that feeling in my page.


I gathered some warm summer colors in Distress markers for this project.  I wanted to create a sorbet/ice cream sort of vibe 🙂

First of I layed on a layer of gesso to create a barrier for all the water that I was going to apply to build up layers. If you skip this step, you will not achieve the same look.  Trust me, I have tried!


I will include a short video of how I created the background layers. I have had some memory card issues so I couldn’t shoot a whole process video. I started out by writing down words that I connect with summer. For this I used several Distress Markers by Ranger.  Colors: spiced marmelade, scattered straw, squeezed lemonade, worn lipstick, picked rasberries and wild honey.


This was my first layer after spritzing water, but I needed some more contrast, so I added some more orange and dark pink.


That’s more like it!  You see, the longer you keep stamping with your plastic baggy, the smaller and darker the dots get.  Yum! Ok, now we have enough contrast in color, we can go and add texture.  Grab your favorite stamp an stencil and some darker marker colors.  I used a dark orange on the chevron stamp, also markers of course.  You can huff to moisten up the ink, but the goals is not to get a crisp image mind you.  Next I took a pink neon Letraset promarker and doodled through a stencil.  Of course, why not.


I cheated a bit and added some spray ink to complete the color scheme.  You can use some marker ink you put on a baggy and dilute it with water to splash with a fanbrush of course, but I wanted the glimmer of the colorshine spray.  A girl has got to have some bling.

Now I needed to work on my icecream scoops.


This is Ranger Texture paste, a new product I have been wanting to try out.  The biggest difference between this product and the other modeling pastes out there, is that it takes on color rather then resisting it.  I added on some gelato’s and markers with water, just for fun.


I drew out a big old sunday glass.  I have a stamp nearby to base my drawing on, I don’t have glasses in my head 😀  You can see my ipad standing in front of me.  I was watching Sex and the City season one.  The first movie was on TV last week, and that got me going again.  Love that series, everyone is so glamorous!   I punched out circles out of my textured paper.


So that’s basically where I left my page.  I’m not sure what to do with the other page, add a nice quote on ice cream and summer I guess…  I’ll keep you posted how it turnes out.

Lastly I wanted to share with you one of my cat-traps in action:


So that’s how I keep my kitties organized on my worktable 😉  No, honestly that’s how i keep them from running all over the place, they want to be in the action but sleep at the same time.  This container has a towel in it so it is nice and soft and they can watch me do stuff without running over my wet papers.

I hope you give this technique a try, it is really fun to do.  Hope to see you again soon!


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