Lifebook: jar of fun – markers…

Hi there polkadot!

Let’s talk about my jar of fun today…  Remember I told you about me buying Neocolor I because I was to hasty to take time and look at the packaging?  Well this is what I was working on when I found out it weren’t the II’s.  If you don’t know, you won’t really notice, but that ‘aha-erlebnis’ is forever connected to this piece.  So it is actually the first thing I think of when I see it.


I really had fun playing with different kinds of lettering in the jar.  I have always liked to write stuff in different styles.  As a teenager I tried to copy band names in my binders in the same font as on the album covers . When taking notes during my bachelor studies, I experimented with different ways to write. Even when I wasn’t drawing, I was fidgeting with something.   But do you know how hard it is to come up with things you find ‘fun’ in an assignment?  After seeing the works of other students in Lifebook, I kept going: “oh yeah!  That’s a good one too!”  It’s not that I don’t know what is really me, or what I like, it just isn’t always a conscious thing for me.

Let’s zoom in on one of those things I find fun: markers.  I am in NO way an expert or a savant genie working with those suckers. But I do love collecting them.  I’ll give you a peek in the different ones I have.


I started out with the colored ones, because I feel black and white is a whole different subject really.  From top to bottom:


The neon of the Letraset marker takes front stage, and does strange things to my lighting: but look at that color!  Let me talk about their differences.

  • The Distress marker (Ranger) is watersoluble, and has the same properties as the other Distress family members.  It wicks when water is added. It has a bendable brush tip and a plastic fine nib to write with, or do detailed work. I love them for those wicking properties, and that they have the same colors as my Distress inks.
  • Stampin’ Write marker (Stampin’up) is also water-based, but it is less soluble as the Distress marker.  You can color in images in the watercolor spirit by using an aquapainter of the blending marker.  This marker also has a brushtip and fine nib. I love to use them directly on stamps, even clear ones.
  • The Graphik paint liner (Derwent) is in a class on its own.  It has paint in it, which is also watersoluble.  You can splatter with it, write with it, draw… Endless possibilities, but it does need a skilled hand to play with it.  I, for one, have had one stutter on me. But Derwent has great customer service, and a great website where you can find all the info you need!  I used mine on top of something greasy – probably Neocolors II – and it clogged up the tip. You can get it going again by clearing the tip with a needle.  Just sayin’ 😉
  • Letraset, new to my markerfamily.  I had to have those neon colors.  I really like them too.  Also a brush nib and a finer tip, but not so fine as a Distress or Stampin’Write.
  • Spectrum Noir: the odd one in my stash.  Those are alcohol based.  I am no great color artist, I cannot seem to make those things blend nicely like other artists can.  I used to own the copic ciao bunch, but I sold them for that reason.  Starting art journaling though, I found new ways to use them.  To change the color of a magzine cut out, to journal over hard and glossy surfaces.  So enter the Spectrum Noirs, the ‘cheaper’ version on the Copics.  I got a great deal on them going to a craft show.

Now, how do I store my collection?  I’ll show you:


Some brands give us ready made solutions, like Crafters Companion and this Spectrum Noir storage.  Of course you can put other markers in the same solution like I did.  The Stampin’Write markers and the Distress markers already came in a container, so easy peasy. I really like that Crafters Companion storage solution.  You can put it together in different styles: horizontally, vertically and angled.


I’ll talk about these guys later 😉


3 thoughts on “Lifebook: jar of fun – markers…

  1. Thanks for the guide to pen types. As someone who only has a passing familiarity with markers, I appreciate it.

    I love how your jar turned out. The colours you used are lovely but I especially like all the different typography styles you used to fill your jar.

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  2. Love your jar! It was a fun lesson. I’m not very creative with lettering but was happy with mine in the end too. Guess that’s because it was full of things I love 🙂 I have been tinkering with markers too (easy to transport) but can’t seem to easily recall the waterproof ones. Got Posca markers (love them – so many colors!) and Tombow markers (love that they have two tip sizes in a single pen) but they both run with watercolors on top … why waterproof ones do you like?


    1. I have spectrum noir, those have alcohol ink in them. Those are waterproof. Watersoluble stuff is i guess, best used as a base. I don’t have much succes with watersolubles on top… But today i’ve put distress markers on top of Acrylics and that worked great 🙂

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