DLP stitches: All finished!


I think she is done…

I have spend several hours debating on how to go further with this page.  Adding, taking away, stepping away.

Eventually I decided to go for it with the collage flow.  Something I really like, because for me it is freeing.  But I didn’t like the model’s expression…  So I gave her new eyes, and a new smiling mouth.  Then the title that was typed across her blouse had to go.  So in came the book paper.  That got out of hand rather quickly And then I worked in the title…  Glueing down the smiles in the sky.  Then, just when I thought I would take a picture to show you guys…  I grabbed my gelli crayons an gave her new sweater a coating of color and a heart made by a Dina Wakely stencil and mask.  I added my words and now I think she is done…  Phew!

“Sometimes the laughter of a friend is just as warm as a your favorite sweater”, a quote of my own 😉  I have been working, doing yard- and houseworks, and nothing much more lately.  And I was getting pretty lonely on my island.  Not that I feel bad, but I needed some friendly faces, a little bit of friendly acknowledgement. So, suddenly some friends checked in on Facebook, I got a free entry card to a garden fair and got to hook up with some of my cherished Design Team friends.  Just what the doctor ordered!

Didn’t have creative energy to do much more today. The fabric challenges in DLP aren’t tickling my fancy really, funnily enough the prompt this week seems to be ‘I’m not feeling it’.  That seems to be the deal…  For this challenge, which was to use stitches, I used stitching stamps and a patchwork design.

See ya next time, thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “DLP stitches: All finished!

  1. I have not been feeling all the texture challenges either. Fabric is not my thing. I am looking forward to a change of theme this month. I love the colours you chose for your page. It is like a reall cosy patchwork quilt. Your collage is such fun. My favourite part of your page is the collage across the body made from book paper.


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