DLP week 8: it’s worth repeating

Hi there,

Today I’ll show you probably the darkest page I have ever made.


Sometimes, even my colorful world goes black and white.  The week that focussed on repeating elements wasn’t my best week. I dealt with some grief and felt overcome by it. So that’s what you can figure out by looking at my page. I collaged the whole page out of magazine clippings, but altered the main character.  Originally she wore a red coat, without a hood, and of course she wasn’t that pale either.  I added some white paint to her face.  The coat I changed by using alcohol markers.  You can see a bit of a shadow on the second page.  I used a signo white gel pen on the coat and that doesn’t dry on the alcohol marker, or so it seems.  So now I have a second character, it doesn’t bother me really.  The moon I colored with the same Spectrum Noir markers.  The lyrics are from an old Destiny’s Child ballad.  Yes, I lived through the nineties and get to talk about it 😉  I kept hearing it through my sad thoughts, so that’s how it got into my art journal, again repeating it.  Like the tears.

So yeah, it can be a real outlet too, that crazy hobby of ours…


One thought on “DLP week 8: it’s worth repeating

  1. Art can definitely be therapeutic both in terms of processing our emotional states and in terms of distracting us from our current emotions or stressors. Sometimes it also leads us to create really successful art – perhaps because we are less in our heads – and that seems to be the case with your pages.

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