Lifebook: how to be abstract

Some time ago, my significant other and I were strolling in a furniture store.  You know, not an Ikea, but a more ‘high end’ one.  And I remember walking through the staged living rooms, looking at the art work thinking ‘I could do that’.  Those canvases are really expensive, and to me it seems like it isn’t really hard to make…

Well, enter this Lifebook lesson.  Intuitive painting isn’t really that intuitive to me.  Well, it is fun, and in this case I knew where I was going…  It needed a boat, and something gold.  So in this case it came together rather quick, but hey, this isn’t that easy! I followed the steps in the lesson rather tight.  And I liked it! It still is easier for me when I have some kind of guidance, like in a recipe: first you take a teaspoon of paint, then you put in your spray and give it a whisk, then you drizzle some neon here and there, and then you season with gold.

I didn’t want to buy gold leafing, like our teacher: Mati Rose McDonough used. I already had enough gold stuff in my stash.  I used inka gold for the boat and for some stenciling too.   I really liked the touch of neon and the contract to the rich and deep blue.


I think it worked out good.  It isn’t a style i would start a journal page in myself, but maybe by doing it more often, I would get used to it.  Get out of your comfort zone 😉


2 thoughts on “Lifebook: how to be abstract

  1. Your response to that lesson turned out wonderfully well. I love the rich colours and the layers of texture and pattern. The hold really has an impact too. So are you going to put this on your wall?


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