DLP week 19: modeling paste

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by today 🙂  It is a national holiday in Belgium, I hope you are out enjoying your day too.

Finally I came to doing a page for week 19 in the Documented Life Project. The challenge was to use modeling paste.  It is a staple in my art room, so not a big challenge.  I took my Dina Wakley ‘Art Journal Courage’ to work this week.  I have both her books, but haven’t really gotten into them.  Well, reading during my lunchbreak turned out to be challenging: some colleagues wanted to know what I was reading…  And when I was alone, I really wanted to get in my car, go home, and create something.  I guess it is the kind of book you would want to have next to you while you work on the challenges.  Dina has a totally different style than mine: a lot of blank space, journaling, collage, repeating items….  Anyway, I feel it is different. Stuff I take away from her style: I really need to work on both the journaling bit, and the blank space is a big challenge too.  This is what I made:


I did a one-pager, which was a first.  I really felt weird about it, because I wanted to commit to the second blank page in the spread too.  I wondered if I would plunge in and do this weeks challenge too.  But as it worked out, I wanted to draw more then play with fabric…  This became the second bit in a jiffy!


It is my take on a Mackintosh rose.  I want to use stuff like this more, because I am so into that period and it doesn’t show in my stuff yet. I drew the rose in graphite pencil, then colorized with Inktense pencils. Needless to say, the Dylusions journal is NOT a watercolor journal, so you can see the paper behaving badly 😉   Here is the thing, I need to conquer my journal.  You know, like the ‘real’ journalers do.  It is a place where I can experiment, have fun, and just throw some supplies around.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just real, just me.

Now, without further ado…  My video.  It came together really fast, so quick vid too.

I hope you like my page.  Hope you have a lovely Monday, even if it is a workday!


5 thoughts on “DLP week 19: modeling paste

  1. Your page is awesome, Krisje! I love the layers of texture, colour and interest. I like the space around it too. It’s interesting that you normally work on two pages at a time. I’m a one page person. Your post makes me wonder if I would feel similarly discombobulated doing a two page spread.


      1. Yes! I have a spiral bound one, and i don’t love it for that reason 😀 maybe it is because of scrapbooking that I am programmering to see two sides of something. But i stitched to single LO’s ages ago….

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