Stuck: on my worktable right now.

Hey you!

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m sorry to say I don’t have a video for you today.  I have been a bit stuck creatively and I felt that filming that, well, it isn’t such a pretty picture isn’t it. I started of with the DLP prompt last Thursday.  The challenge was to use stitches, but I sticked with the saying: you leave me in stitches. It made me think about a quilt, and seeing I wanted to play with my gelato’s I got started with a technique by Donna Downey.  She created it for the Faber Castell media line Youtube channel, and to be exact, for the gelato’s playlist.

Gelato’s for me are one of those things that are fun, versatile and very seductive, but I don’t use enough.  For me the hard part is combining them with other media.  Ok, I know that you can combine them with gesso’s and Faber Castell Pitt pens, because they have the india ink in them. But still, the fine liners just goo up easily because of the wax.  And I hate it when I kill my pens….  I’ll include two of my ‘go to’ artists work with those joy-sticks below.  This is what I am working on:


I like to do the shading with another, darker gelato, over the use of Pitt pens.  It’s important you seal you work first, if you want to bring in pens.

This is the playlist of Donna Downey were I got the technique from:

I didn’t seal with spray alone, I added a bit of clear gesso too because I wanted to 😉  I am going to fill the squares with smiles I have cut out of magazines…  But have you noticed, it is totally out of style to smile in pictures.  All those models look so serious or even mad at some point.  Well, thank God I have a lot of magazines to cut from!   After the smiles, I’m thinking of adding things that make me laugh.  We’ll see were it takes me next.

Did you know?  My friend Inge has her own blog and she makes video’s on the DLP prompts too.  Somehow our minds seem connected because last prompt she worked with her gelato’s too.  Great minds think alike and all that jazz! Go check it out here 😀


3 thoughts on “Stuck: on my worktable right now.

  1. Hehe… Ik was je bericht hier aan het lezen en net hetzelfde aan het denken wat jij op het einde schreef. Dankjewel voor de vermelding van mijn blog. En inderdaad great minds think alike!


    1. Dat is gelijk zo een rad van fortuin in mijn hoofd waar al mijn speeltjes opstaan… Waar zullen we vandaag wat mee maken? 😉 misschien heb jij dezelfde, hahaha. Ik doe te weinig met die gelato’s.


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