Taking life into your art journal

Hi there polkadot!

Today I want to share with you some thoughts I have about adding life into your journal.

You have to know I was a scrapbooker before I started journaling.  At one time I noticed I was taking fewer and fewer pictures.  Because I didn’t want to keep recording the same things over and over again.  I didn’t feel connected with my own life, I wasn’t always happy about the things happening, and the things that didn’t happen.  I know this sounds really heavy, but bare with me for a second…  Somehow, when you are creative, you need that outlet.  It is a fix, much like that of an addict, you need it from time to time to set some things straight in your head, to create space, to zone out.

Art journaling helps me to ‘zone out’, it is more freeing than scrapbooking, because well it IS FREE-ER! You can do whatever you want really.  I don’t always ‘journal’ and I don’t always record the thing of the moment in my journal.  Sometimes I just feel like creating pretty flowers, or I really like a technique I have seen and want to practice it.  And you know what, it all is ok!  You just take your stuff and you play basically.


When we came back from a short visit to Lisbon, I really wanted to make a ‘here and now’ page.  So I started of from the Documented Life Project challenge for that week, but I looked at some pattern I saw in tiles


, grabbed some colors I saw in the pictures and dove right in.


The challenge was to cover up the good stuff, so lots of layers here.  I wrote down my thoughts of the instant in Stabilo All pencil and went over them with water.  So the journaling becomes part of the background.

How do you add life into your journal? Are you a documenter?  I would love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “Taking life into your art journal

  1. I love, love, love the depth in colour and texture in your DLP page. Those colours are so appealing too.

    That’s interesting that you tired of scrapbooking because you found monotony in recording the same things. I document my family’s life and travels in photographs – somewhat obsessively so – but I think I would buckle under the pressure of having to do something creative with those images. Likewise when I started art journaling I thought I had to visually record what was happening in my life. But my life is not always that interesting or inspiring. Busy yes, and boring rarely but a lot of what I fill my day with is just routine or mundane. Not the stuff that gets the creative mojo going. Once I realised I did not have to journal (with words) or document (as in make the pages about something relevant in my life) I felt much more free and easy about art journaling. Now I see art journaling as an opportunity to just be playful and experimental. Sometimes it is about my life but I don’t feel compelled to keep it relevant.

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    1. Take the kids out of the equation… I think the need to record is greater because they change so much over time. For us, getting another birthday is not something you really want to record, nor the changes you go through in aging 😉


  2. I like the colors of blue in your layers! I like your way of journaling – so freeing! I used to journal like this but I am now trying to draw more so my journals record more of what I see around me.

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