DLP week 6 – Don’t stop till you get enough


The second theme in DLP was: Layers you will love.  The first week in this theme we were challenged to find ‘when not to stop’.  I don’t know if you have ever sensed this wandering sensation: should I go on?  Is this piece finished?

I recently saw a documentary out of the BBC series ‘The private life of a masterpiece’ about ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt.


I don’t have to tell you, seeing I am madly obsessed by everything about the period this painting was made in, I devoured the documentary 😉  But what got me the most, is that even an ARTIST like Klimt, never considered his paintings as ‘finished’.  He kept fiddeling with them, adding details, changing things…  The Kiss originally was smaller when it first got showed to the world, he added some flowers in the flowerbed later on. The robe of the male character changed too, as did the dress of the female.  Stuff like this makes my heart flutter, because I have trouble with calling something finished too.  There is something so definitive, so final, about saying ‘I am done!’.

It didn’t bother me much while making this spread though.  I just had fun with my stencils, distress paints and black gesso.  The doodling was great fun too.  And I made it while listening to the disco classic by the King of Pop, of course.

I hope you know when not to stop, and if you don’t, don’t mind and just keep going 😉


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