DLP week 18 – Fabric


This week I didn’t have a clue on where my spread would end, but that can be a good thing sometimes. I knew I wanted to work with some left over fabric scraps from our workshop with Revlie, and so I did. This month the theme on DLP is: texure!  And the first art challenge was to use fabric.  I don’t own much of it, so hence the choice for the left overs. I talked about my love for Neocolors last week. I ended up working with the two different kinds of Neocolors this week, the neo I that is just wax and the neo II that is watersoluble.  You can easily get creative by combining those two.

I started out like lots of our Lifebook lessons: using tissue paper and book paper for a background.  Then I loaded it with lovely cold colors.  I think this is really my palet.  Even when I look in my wardrobe, it is mostly this color scheme, only navy blue is missing on my spread.  I wear that a lot, it’s my go to colour to wear 😀

This is the video, i hope you enjoy it.

The journaling prompt of this week is: the fabric of my life. I used the leaves on my flowers to note down some little bits of thread that make the fabric of my life: friends, family, scrapbooking, art journaling, art nouveau, Marilyn Monroe, cooking, my cats, flowers, pink, bows, travel, coffee…

I had to change my video-modus operandi a bit…  Usually I take bits of music created by my brother in law Paul Verschoten of Mind.Divided, but somehow I have gotten on the nerve of Youtube.  Or so it seems.   As of last week they blocked the ‘miniature view’ of my video.  It just showed a grey screen with three dots in the middle as ‘preview’.  Not really inviting for viewing, and the figures show it.  So that is why I am trying out Mr. Mozart as the musical supplier for this week.

I hope you are doing ok?  I am seeing lots of sunny views from parts of the USA, I’m glad to see you are already enjoying spring.  Here in Belgium, weather is a bit more ‘fit for the season’ as we are used to it.  A little nippy and some rain for this week.  This week that’s a good thing, because of, well you know, our lawn that’s growing 😉

Enjoy your day, whatever the weather!


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