DLP week 5 : what lies beneath


I’m not sure how the art that surrounds you as a child affects you when you are grown up.  At my mom’s place, there were always pierrot’s around.  In art, in decoration.  I also remember some soft, pastel colored posters like David Hamilton…

Anyhow, when I read the prompt: what lies beneath.  I immediately thought about ‘tears of a clown’ and Pierrot.  Originally he is a character of the ‘comedia del arte’, but for some reason in the eighties he became his own thing and found his way to our living room.  He started by living in my sketchbook, and to be honest he intimidated me.  It was one of the first faces I thought was worth looking at.

But then came the challenge and I wanted him to move house into my ‘real’ art journal.  And in color, not just pencil. I based my background on the work of Lorainne Bell.  You can see I wasn’t quite caught up at that time. And that was only because i was afraid of taking on the challenge.   In hindsight I’m happy I made him. Even if it took me some time.

So my message to you, sweet friend, don’t care if a project takes you longer than you have planned.  As long as you get it done, you are right on schedule for you journey. Have a great weekend!


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