DLP week 17 – Ink

I’m sorry for the bad lighting on the pictures of my pages.  We had such a rainy, cloudy day yesterday.  Impossible to take decent pictures.  But anyway, I am glad it is raining, and this is why:


Our grass is growing, and so are all of our trees and plants. I’m looking forward to being inspired by my own   Giverny. Have you heard of it? It was the hometown of Monet. One of the first prainters I was fond of. I was able to go there some years ago. I’ll show you some pictures:

P1010112_2 P1010123

It truly is amazing, but it is hard to take in the atmosphere. So many tourists, so many schoolkids there on their visit…  But it was well worth it.

Friday I went for a job interview.  I drove onto the driveway and saw the most amazing sunlight come through the leaves, reflected on the flower-petals of cherry trees. So pretty…  And that is what I wanted to capture on my page this week. That and the prompt being: before the ink dried…  Fitting isn’t it.  The journaling is all about affirmations, being ready for it.


Please don’t mind the grey screen.  It will play it you press the button!

I hope you get the chance to catch some sunrays of your own 😉


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