Lifebook: feather frenzy

Hi there!

I have always loved the bright colors of Dylusions sprays.  But to be honest, to work them has always been a challenge for me. They can be really overwhelming, and for me, I never could pull it off Dyan style. I have this thing, when I buy a color-product, it is almost always the start of a collection.  I want ALL the colors. Same story for the Dylusions sprays, I think at this moment I only miss the ground coffee one.  But to use them…  I really DON’T like that they can seep through your paper, or come through the binding of a journal.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t fret because it is all about the experiment, and you can always work that color in your new project…  But still, I can’t help but being super conscious about the seepage.

Enter Tamara Laporte. I saw one of her youtube video’s where she talked about her favorite journals.  She flipped throught them and showed us the most wonderful pages… Made with Dylusions!!!!!  I could hardly contain myself.  How did she do that, without seepage, fearless and with such beautiful harmony between the rich color and the opacity of acrylics?  I was thus really thrilled to see the lesson with this feather!


Like all things   rich, it is best to act in moderation with the Dylusions.  Tamara mixes them with water, and adds acrylics.  I found drawing the feather challenging.  There is something weird going on in my brain when I have to copy something on both sides of one line.  I know there is a book out there that has something to do with drawing and the left or right side of the brain.  But I haven’t read it.  Seems that this weird thing in my head is really a thing, not just in my head 😀


I took the Lifebook lessons with Dylusions to my smaller journals, to try some things out.

Do you know what I meant earlier?  Ever had that same sensation you couldn’t really get your brain in line with what your creative soul wants to create?  I would love to hear from you 😀

See you soon!


6 thoughts on “Lifebook: feather frenzy

  1. I love how your feather turned out! That vibrant pink as the backdrop for the black line drawing is perfect.

    I only recently tried Dylusions ink sprays in my journal (for my Statue of Liberty page if you remember that one) and I didn’t have any bleeding through or seeping I am happy to report.

    I don’t think I get left and right side conflict when I’m creating but I do definitely get too stuck in my own head at times which then leads to me being far too self-critical.


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