DLP week 15 : Cry me a river

Hi there Polkadot!

I’m enjoying a day off and I took advantage of my time this morning to do my DLP page for this week . Of course I had to break out my new supplies to create something. The DLP theme for April is Color Safari, and this week we create color with acrylics.  I own different brands of acrylics: Making Memories scrappaint, Daler Rowney, one tube of Panduro, Dylusions as of Saturday and Distress paints. I like them because of the vibrancy, and the drying speed.

First, I’ll show you my video. It’s a bit long, but i look my time making both the background as in painting the eye.  I used a step by step tutorial for the eye I found on Pinterest.  You can look me up there, I have a board full of drawing tutorials.

I didn’t do very much with the prompt.  I have had enough of crying to be honest, I didn’t want to relive anything, or bring up bad emotions.  I chose to play with my new stuff and just wing it.

Let’s talk a bit more about those acrylics.  I really like the Distress paints, because they are so convenient for backgrounds.  And you don’t have to clean out our brushes because of the dabber tops! It is the only product in the Distress family that dries permanent. This is the first page I made with the Dylusions paints.  They are so vibrant, really.  It almost hurts you eyes, but it doesn’t 😀  I wanted to try the baby wipe technique Dyan Reavely shows in het latest video’s.  I expected it to be more liquidy, but I’m pretty sure I should have shaken up the pots of paint before opening them.

DLP week 15
DLP week 15

Look at that color.  It’s gorgeous! I’m looking forward to playing with them some more.  I’ll keep you posted!


6 thoughts on “DLP week 15 : Cry me a river

  1. WOW! This is beautiful! TU for the tut, I am going to try to do this. First have to order Dyan’s paints. hugs from your newest fan! xx


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