Art Specially, very special indeed

Hello there, sweet friend.

What a Saturday I had!  Prepare yourself for a post filled with pictures 🙂

art specially
art specially

Together with my designteam friend, Greet,  I headed out for a long drive to Nijkerk, in the Netherlands.  We share a passion for inky things and with the theme for this edition being ‘ink and paint’, we were in for a day filled with colorful eyecandy.

We were greeted by the very nice staff working there, both on the parking and inside with a lucious goodiebag.  I am used to goodiebags being filled with stuff you don’t really want/need.  But Art Specially really means bussiness: a copic fineliner, a WOW embossing powder in yummie color, a little jar of Brusho (seems to be THE trend in the stamping world), tools for Pan Pastels, a wonderful stamp (‘nothing is impossible’) .  Really nice!

The first thing you walk into is a space filled with demo’ing and workshopping people.  Art Specially makes great creative magazines and books, and you could see the featured artists at work.  This lady was a discovery for me, as I’m not a real follower of those magazines… Eefke Moes


artwork by Eefke Moes
artwork by Eefke Moes

Look what she does with alcohol inks, fineliner pens and copics!  So beautiful, it reminded me of artwork done by René Lalique.

We went on to the madness, because we had an appointment for a workshop with Marsha Valck!

meeting up with Marsha
meeting up with Marsha

That’s me, with Marsha.  She is such a sweetheart and a new found online friend of mine 🙂 You can find us in this fun Facebook group: LiveHappyLoveArt. We did a fun little technique with the airbrush tool by Tim Holtz and Lettraset markers…  Neon markers, oh my goodness!

oh look, stamps!
oh look, stamps!
oh my, the jackpot!
oh my, the jackpot!
An Art Nouveau Stamp??  This is heaven!
An Art Nouveau Stamp?? This is heaven!

We went on and gazed at thousands of stamps (really), stencils, inks, markers ect. Things I spotted on the trendlist: fresco finish paint and stamps by PaperArtsy.  They intrigue me, I see lovely art work made with them, but because I simply find it impossible to choose which color to buy, I didn’t buy any.  The Chocolate Baroque stamp brand was new to me, and seemed to be on demand too. The Brusho that is in the goody bag, was demoed and seemed interesting.  But I haven’t used it yet. It looks something like walnut ink to me, but I will find out and let you know! Carabelle, the French brand I came across at Version Scrap in Paris is taking over the world!  In Belgium last October and now in several stores in The Netherlands.  Birgit Koopsen, who is in their design team, probably has something to do with that.  She has her own stamp and was demoing at the show too.

This is what I bought:


Found me all the new distress colors!  Finally bought my some Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays.  Dylusions Paint!  Yeay! Couldn’t go without those neon markers.  Just couldn’t.


I bought a huge stack of hot pink cardstock for a steal!  I’m thinking pink christmas card for this year…  A huge container of decopage, for almost the same price as the smaller ones. And black pan pastels to use with Teesha More-like collage.

Couldn’t go without showing you something I made with my new toys:


Look at that color! Those Lindy’s are really nice, I’m already head over heels in love with them.  And they seem to dry permanent.  Yes, you heard right.  PER-MA-NENT.  I have to test some more, but I am loving this result.  Look at that neon!

After seeing all that eye candy, I was really beat.  We were about a half hour away from Utrecht, a city I really love visiting.  Incidentally, Greet likes Utrecht too, and we decided to go there for our dinner.

Dig in!
Dig in!

What a great day…  Still on a high, to be honest. But I will snap out of it, and make you a video for the new Documented Life Challenge for this week tomorrow. I promise!

See you then!


5 thoughts on “Art Specially, very special indeed

  1. Heel leuk om in je enthousiasme te delen. Door je levendige beschrijvingen voelde ik mij ook een beetje mee op reis!


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