Lifebook – Beacon of light

Hi there Polkadot!

Let’s talk about Lifebook shall we?

I told you about starting with the DLP to force me into art journaling, into making the time.  Shortly after I started I found myself not really learning anything new technique-wise.  I read about Lifebook on Facebook groups and I started seeing what artists where making after the first weeks.  Oh my color wheel! So I decided next to the DLP, I would jump into Lifebook (LB) too!  Set aside this is a paying art class, this is SO worth your money.  You get wonderful lessons of different kinds of artist, you get to try out different styles, and join in to one of the most supportive art communities.

To show you how much I have learned in those weeks, I’ll show you what I made.  I will not film my process or explain in depth how I made it, because it is a paying class of course. But I’m dying to show you 😉

LB - beacon of light
LB – beacon of light

Meet my ‘Beacon of Light’. She was born out of the lesson hosted by Tamara Laporte.  Please, please, if you want to do yourself a favor: try out her free course!  You will love it and learn heaps. You can find it here. Every time I look at her I can’t believe she came out of my pencil. She symbolizes my personal protector in the world of inner critics and fear of blank pages. And the cat? Well, we discovered our inner sanctuary through a meditation before the lesson and in mine, there was a cat waiting for me.  That shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing I am owned by two cats who gracefully share their home with me! Don’t worry, if you don’t like meditation.  I wondered if it would be to ‘out there’ for me too, but I kinda like it.  And you don’t have to do them if you don’t want to.  The lessons are ‘stand alone’.

Talk to you soon!


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