DLP week 14 : water under the bridge

Hi Polkadot!

Yesterday while driving home after a lovely day Gelli plating with my mom, i witnessed the most beautiful sunset!  The colors were amazing.  It took me a while to define what precise colors I was seeing.  Do you know that feeling?  I know it is strange being a lover of color and in to drawing and stuff, that I can’t do it quicker.  I wonder if it is a talent you can develop. I decided to have a go at painting it.  Lifebooks lesson of last week was on field journaling, and i already took some pictures in the park to start off from, but this sunset…  It took me by surprise.  And like it was meant to be… when I got home I found out the new challenge for DLP was… watercoloring.

So I jumped in on Easter morning to paint what I saw.  Seeing the prompt is: water under the bridge, I didn’t draw the actual scene of me on the highway, but a more poetic scene.  I hope you like it.

I have spent some time fiddling with the yellow brick graphic marker.  You should really check out this video to see what they can do… Enabler allert!  For the Belgians, they are at a great discount at Schleiper this month.

The music in my video is again, made by Mind.Divided.  There is something about ambient and art journaling, they go great together.


4 thoughts on “DLP week 14 : water under the bridge

  1. Lovely pages. I like the way you created the water and Sky, the mixture of letting the colours bleed into one another and the blotting. I do like that stabilo pencil effect. I must get one of those at some stage.


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