Workshopping ‘chez’ the neighbours

Hey you! Nice to see you 🙂  Happy Easter!

gelli workshop

I wanted to share with you today the wonders of doing workshops.  I am known for giving them too, once in a while, but that might be a subject for a later post. Last two weekends I was in the Netherlands to participate in two workshops.  Yesterday I went to the Scrapheap with my mom.  She is the lady sporting the pink apron.  We had great fun learning the do’s and don’ts of Gelli plating from Astrid.  She is so sweet and funny!


Of course, you can’t go workshopping without some actual shopping.  Enabler alert!


The booklet is what we made.  It is far from finished, but I made sure the cover was, so I could show you already. I am happy to have a smaller version of the Gelli plate too.  I have the A4 type (8x11inch?) but sometimes it is just to large for me…  I bought some new modeling paste.  Great value in this container, especially when you compare the content with other brands. I’m holding off on buying the new distress ink pads until they come out in mini’s, but I’m already set with cut and dry foams, applicators and now the cute container. I couldn’t hold back on buying the cracked pistachio in paints though…  Just couldn’t!

The Jane Davenport book came in the mail this week.  But I already wanted to share it with you. I know many of you bought it too, I’m seeing it popping up in a lot of feeds on Facebook.  Maybe I’ll do a review later…

Last weekend I was in Roelofarendsveen to do the Art Mash up with Marieke Blokland and Revlie Schuit.  I went with my friends Inge and Els, and we had a blast! Two hugely talented teachers, two different ways to journal, so lots to learn.



This is what I made.  You can see I was very good, I only bought one Posca paint pen, because my old one ran out.

The thing about workshops is: you create the time to try something new.  Or in case of the Gelli plating one, brush up your knowledge.  I had trouble at home with my old Making Memories paints.  They pool up on the plate, I was at one point really wondering if I had a tropical micro-klimate at my workstation without feeling it???  But now, I know, just use more of the paint, or gently move over to other, thicker, paints for Gelli plating…  Next to the time, I am a visual learner.  I learn more from seeing and doing, then I do from reading.  It all depends on how you are wired, but for me, workshopping is a great pass time and it makes me grow as a journaler/artist (yeah, I used the A-word) 😉

I hope you are enjoying your Easter too.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a new DLP video.  See you then!


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