DLP week 1 – the blank page and how we face it

Hi there Polkadot!

I was thinking about sharing my journey to discover my own voice in art journaling with you.  I am far from an expert. But you are probably on the same path aren’t you?  Why not walk it together?

The Documented Life Project kicked off with a very recognizable theme: the blank page and how to face it. It is a well known fear.  There is little as scary as a new art journal, and a new page running on second place.  The best way to face this fear in my opinion, it to just dive in.  Get that first layer down, even if you have no idea where you are going.  Just go!

DLP - week 1
DLP – week 1

In the first week we used book paper as a first layer.  I know.  If you are a reader, a lover of books, it can be harsh to rip into that first book.  But be kind, go to a thrift shop, or a garage sale. Dig in, pick the book that is on the bottom of the stack and give it a new life.  A life in art! I bought an old book in the library years ago.  Once a year they do a sale of books that aren’t been checked out for a long time.  I’m sorry, but what is more sad than a library book with no readers!  So don’t be sad, you will do the book a favor!

I chose this color scheme from a nice beachy picture, the best thing to look at mid-winter.  After the book paper I put down acrylic paints. The tree is stenciled with distress stains, the leafs stamped with memento ink. Add stamping all over. Made a house from old Basic Grey scrapbook papers. Then I thought about what the prompt ‘be your own goalkeeper’ ment for me. I wrote down my thoughts on the tag and sticked it on to the page using washi tape.


Want to do something fun?  Check out this tutorial and give it a try.  Making those painted circles is too much fun!

Talk to you soon!


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