DLP week 13 – Unique spirit

Hello dear reader,

I decided to start blogging again after a hiatus of about four years.  In the last year I gradually found myself gravitating more and more towards art journaling.  I started out as a card maker, discovered stamping, found scrapbooking and now, my focus is on art journaling.  I have always had a love for colors, even as a child I loved looking at full boxes of colored pencils.  Later on it changed to ink pads, and markers, and…  You know, you are probably a crafter too?

So even if I had the tools, and i was of course curious about this art journaling, it wasn’t until i found out about the Documented Life Project, that I really wanted to participate.  That was last year, it was already spring, so I had some ground to cover.  That didn’t seem to be a good modus operandi for me…  So I tried an online course called Pop and Color by the lovely Shirel.  Such an eye opener.  I started to use all my cherished art supplies, AT ONCE!  And that is how i stumbled upon mixed media.   Finally a good excuse to own such a large stash of stuff!

At the end of last year, the team behind the DLP – Art to the fifth – started to promote their scope for the next year: a new larger journal, and guest designers…. And it remained free!!!  So I decided then and there that I was going to jump, jump into the abyss, jump to freedom, jump into art journaling!

Today I want to show you my very first video.  This is very much a joint venture: my significant other, Thibault, helped me with my set up, my beloved art friends Els and Inge helped me figure out what to do with my blogging, and my brother in law composed the music i used. (check him out at http://minddivided.bandcamp.com)

The theme for March on the Art to the 5th website is ‘markmaking’.  Each month there is one theme, every week there is a new art challenge and a prompt to set your creative juices flowing.  This week the challenge was to make your own custom element.  For me that’s the curly border, the handbag (have a thing with bags) on the stamped girl and the hearts with three stiches.  The prompt for this week is: ride the energy of your own unique spirit.  I only used the last part of it, because it fits well with my image.  I will add some private journaling and call this one done! So I hope you like what you see and leave me a comment!  Be it in Dutch, French or English 😉


13 thoughts on “DLP week 13 – Unique spirit

  1. Whaw, I’m impressed Krisje !
    This really looks great and I’s so nice seeing you doing the whole process.
    I tried DLP 2015 but I don’t understand their challenges…
    I like to say: enjoy and keep going on !


    1. I read and hear that a lot, but i always give my own spin to what i am doing. The prompts do it for me. This week i pondered what is my mark? What makes my spirit uniquely Mine. Maybe it isn’t obvious to the page, but the journaling will help with that 🙂 i am glad you like it


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